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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

“Are you sure you don't mind leaving her there?” Kinda have to for this next part here. You know how these disaster storylines work.
“You know, I keep thinking about Allie and Johnny. They must be wondering where we are.” Somehow I doubt it. I’m sure they’re either asleep or playing with their toys.
“I know they're safe, but I'm their mother. You know, they need me.” Don’t forget their father.

Sami’s hallucinatory vision is apparently derived from the old Sega CD console.

“Well, monster or no monster, but I am not your enemy, okay? I mean you no harm, as long as you cooperate.” And that’s Stefano in a nutshell. Be who he wants to be, and you’re gold with him. Be someone else, and he’ll make you into who he wants anyway…whether you know it or not.
“I'm afraid your mother is not the lady that you think that she is. But your potential-limitless.” Yes, Sami is total supervillainess material!
“I want to make sure that you get the opportunity to fulfill that potential. See, I want to give you the chance to get everything you ever wanted-love, money, power.” Oh, do tell, Stefano.

“Samantha, you can be the future of this family,” “Look, you and Elvis and our darling little Giovanni get bello ragazzo,” and “What? Look, living in the past, all right? When are you going to learn? Samantha, there is nothing that can be done that cannot be undone. Do you understand? With such a bright future. Think about it, huh? You and Elvis together-the two of you. You can have it all.” Exactly! Dude, we need to put Stefano on the list. He’s a total Ejami.

“And then...if we are lucky, you see, then perhaps our little Giovanni can be the first in line of new DiMera heirs.” And the baby list too. You better not be teasing me, show.

“We're dealing with a psychopath.” Argh, John! First of all, Stefano’s a sociopath, not a psychopath, and second, you are talking to his son who loves him. But may I say that James did a great job here with the coughing and everything. I’m sure that’s very difficult to act, but he really sold it.

As someone who watched the entire OMG MY FACE Broe storyline, this was absolutely hilarious. Ah, good times, good times.

“It is the one true path to immortality, my dear. We live on in our children, after all. Our grandchildren.” Considering that Stefano is an actual sociopath, the fact that he’s chosen EJ out of all his kids as his genetic heir is the highest of complements. Elvis is truly his golden boy.
“No. Stop it. You are not living on through my son. No way. My son is gonna grow up to be a good, strong, and decent human being, unlike you. No, he will bring dignity to the DiMera name.” Like you do to the Brady name, Sami?
“Ah, you see? That's why I like you. You have such a fighting spirit. And that is why that you and Elvis must continue to procreate.” Yes, I want more Ejami kids too!
“See, between your genes and his, we will breed the smartest, the most intelligent and strong DiMeras.” And the prettiest!
“Look, do not fight the inevitable, all right? Release yourself to fate.” Or to TPTB’s direction, heh.
“Just because you and Elvis had a little bit of a dry patch does not mean that it cannot be worked out. You two have a bond that can never be broken.” So true. As EJ himself as said, they are bound together forever.

You know, I was rather surprised that the show remembered any of this as continuity isn’t Days’ strong suit. But yes, it was good motivation to show that Sami isn’t going to be forced into anything this time around…or so she thinks, anyway.

EJ totally takes after his father. Falling down those stairs killed Lauren.

Grade: A- for Stefano and Sami, B for Ejami as it was far too short again. And did Stefano set up EJ and Sami being stuck together in the stairwell? Of course he did. He came looking for Sami, backed her into the stairwell, and then left Sami’s purse and her breathing cloth by the only open door on the floor so EJ would find it. As he mentioned in his evil plan dialogue with Sami, he wants them together. Why? So many reasons. First is, as much Stefano is able to as a sociopath, he does love EJ. He wants him happy, especially because it makes him easier to control. Secondly, Stefano does like Sami. She’s a good choice for the mother of his grandchildren. Thirdly, since Sami’s a Brady, having her as a DiMera is a real coup. And finally, since she’s Marlena’s daughter, EJ will have succeeded where he failed. Stefano isn’t out for revenge with EJ and Sami or he wouldn’t have bothered with any of this. He’s out to rebuild the house of DiMera as he sees fit, to create the adoring evil family worthy of his legacy.

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