Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, July 21st, 2008

“Mom, Lucas is being sent to maximum security prison today.” Happy days are here again!
“'Maximum security'? That doesn't make any sense at all.” Well, let’s see, he only tried to kill EJ, badly cover it up, and then break his house arrest three times.
“I know. Mom, do you realize how many dangerous people are in that prison, that anything could happen to him? I mean, he could really be hurt.” Let’s hope so! Come on, convicted felons!
“You don't need to stay here now that this whole immigration thing has been sorted out.” I’m thinking no one told Marlena here that EJ set up that whole ordeal.
“EJ got the judge to sign a court order forbidding from taking Johnny out of the house.” He’s a smart, smart man.
“He's a DiMera, remember?” Personally, I never forget.
“Why would he do such a thing?” Yes, it’s so strange for EJ to want to be with the woman he loves and his children.
“Because he has this demented idea that the three of us need to be a family together, even though that is never going to happen.” You know, Sami, calling Evil EJ demented is just complementing him.

“I don't want her living there, not the least of which she is on trial for murdering my grandfather.” I was wondering if anyone was going to remember that. Don’t forget about the two pilots; their imaginary families deserve justice too.
“If she goes to jail, you still get your money, and you'll have a fallback place to live if you ever get out from underneath my nephew's thumb.” Signs point to no. EJ’s never going to let Sami go.

We didn’t have to see the inside of Sami’s fugly apartment, and she’s back to being the Brady/Horton reject again? Excellent. Thank you, limited set budget and inconsistent writing!

“This look is 90s-not the style, I mean the actual makeup products are that old.”

“I'm the reason Lucas broke house arrest?” No, you aren’t.
“Yeah, Sami. If you hadn't pitted Lucas and EJ against each other, Lucas probably never would have broken house arrest.” That’s not what happened at all! Sami has been kissing up to Lucas the second he came back.
“Lucas knows that I love him.”
“Do you?” Say wha? I assume Chloe means “Do you really love him?” but this still was awkward.
“I'm not gonna deny that Lucas came to the Salem Inn to see me and that we had sex.” Someone is way too proud of this.
“The reason he came to see me is because he needed someone to talk to because you hurt him, Sami. Lucas needed me, and I was there for him. Where were you?” Not in a plot directed stuck elevator, that’s where. Sheesh, this whole thing is so stupid.

Grade: Sami B, rest C. Sure, nothing of importance happened today, but we’re seeing Sami slowly reclaiming her true personality, and anything that points out my beloved Evil EJ’s depraved and controlling tendencies can’t be all bad.