Friday, March 7, 2008

Thursday. March 7th, 2008

*heart* OH HE IS SO CUTE!!!! ^_^ *heart*

Me thinks TPTB took our “shades of gray” request literally.

“You say "tomayto." I say "tomahto." I think we should just call the whole thing off.” Ah, so much set up for so little payoff.

“Ketchup is made of tomatoes.” True, but as a refined product, ketchup is mostly sugar.

“Charm just rolls right off my back.” Cool it with the hard sell, dude. EJ is taken.

“I'm married to Sami. That's a full-time job, I can tell you.” Yes, but you’re married to Samantha, darling.

“I'm actually no longer a DiMera.” Days, having everyone and their mom repeat this over and over is inane. Yes, EJ is. His lineage is still DiMera, even if he no longer has access to the criminal empire, and he’s USING DIMERA AS HIS FREAKING LAST NAME.

“You were married to Lucas Horton when you got pregnant with twins-one of them is E.J. Dimera's, and one of them is Lucas Horton's. That's not usually how it's done in Washington.” What, when the White House hits up the Supreme Court, they don’t have both a House and Senate?

You know this next part is important because the extras are reacting to it.

“Someday if you are extremely lucky, someone will love you half as much as EJ loves me.” While it was very gratifying to see Sami admit this fact aloud, the most moving part of this scene was EJ’s expression change as he realizes what Sami has just said. The look of surprise in his eyes was lovely.

You know, you guys should just go to The Olive Garden next time. Hour and a half wait time? Dude would never find you.

Grade: B+. Seriously, I had to stop watching this several times to giggle. I love Good Ejami, but they are so lobotomized compared to their darker counterparts. “I think I have the situation pretty much in hand” when EJ did absolutely jack in that direction and Sami saying “Oh, EJ, this is far from over” when there’s no reason why it would be is hilarious. Break out your gluesticks and construction paper, kiddies, it’s glitter time!