Sunday, March 9, 2008

Crazy for You

Kate notices that Evil Crazy EJ is shielding something from her view.

Kate (looking behind EJ): "EJ? What have you got there?"

Evil Crazy EJ (gesturing in order to draw her attention away): "Nothing. How about I shoot the SUV again, eh?"

Kate shakes her head and inspects her vehicle as Evil Crazy EJ turns his attention towards his beloved.

Evil Crazy EJ (whispering): "What did I tell you, Samantha?! You have to hide from Kate! This won't work if she sees you!"

Samantha (apologetic): "I know, but I want to get married now! I don't love Lucas-I love you! With all my heart!"

Evil Crazy EJ (understanding): "I know you do, but we have to pretend, okay? So stay hidden, please."

Sami (giving in): "Alright. But I want to go shopping later when we have some alone time, okay?"

Evil Crazy EJ (lighting up): "Certainly, darling."

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

As Sami mentions that she's going to have to get rid of those photos of her with Lucas and replace them with Ejami ones, EJ whips out several pictures of them together back at the modeling photo shoot complete in beautiful frames.

Sami (surprised): "You...kept these?"

EJ (surprised at her surprise): "How I could not?"

Later, the Immigration Agent stops by.

Immigration Agent: "So, I assume you have some wedding photos I can look at?"

Sami (flustered): "Oh, yes, certainly...uh..."

EJ (offhandedly): "Unfortunately our not so professional photographer overexposed them, and there's not much to see unless you like looking at blurs. Terrible loss, really. Samantha still hasn't gotten over it."