Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Favorite Deduction

Sami (nodding): "Okay, so I've got all my stuff from last year."

Sami dumps out a box with all kinds of papers on her couch. EJ raises an eyebrow.

EJ (dryly): "Your organizational skills are unparalleled."

Sami (brushing him off): "I'll get organized when I get audited. Anyway, so now that we're married, are we filing the 1040 long form jointly? I mean, you have investments and everything that we need to account for, right?"

EJ looks pensive.

Sami (shaking her head): "Don't tell me you want to do the 1040EZ form-how else are we supposed to get our deductions?"

EJ (contemplating): "Sweetheart, you know I'm not American. Do I even need to file?"

Sami (thinking): "Well, you earned income in this country, so I'm sure you do. But we can check"

EJ grabs Sami's hand as she turns to go get EJ's laptop.

EJ (innocently): "That's not all we need to check out."

EJ pulls Sami in for a long kiss, and Sami smiles at him afterward.

Sami (smiling): "Why don't we do this later?"

EJ grins.

EJ (raising an eyebrow): "I'm all about filing extensions."

More Ejami kisses.

I Prefer Nice and Slow

While the twins are asleep, EJ and Sami are in the kitchen of their cabin making cupcakes.

Sami (reading the box in her hand): “Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix? That’s for birthdays, not Valentine’s Day. And how is us dumping this into a bowl baking?”

EJ (shrugging): “Unfortunately for us, darling, I’m pretty sure our author has no idea how to make them from scratch.”

Carpe (busy): “No, I can make cupcakes fine, I just I don’t have time for it. I’m also behind on the show. Hopefully you guys weren’t turned into zombies or anything in the last two episodes because this would look stupid otherwise.”

Sami (rolling her eyes): “Like it doesn’t already?”

EJ (annoyed): “Indeed. We’re already there with that inauspicious beginning. Barely two lines into this, and not only do you rudely insert yourself, you reference the undead.”

Carpe (sighing): “Points taken. Fine. Let’s start over.”

While the twins are asleep, EJ and Sami are in the kitchen of their cabin making homemade Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

Sami (behind the counter and wiping her hands on her apron): “There’s the eggs. I think that’s it. Have we forgotten anything?”

EJ (sitting on the counter and looking at the paper in front of him): “No, that’s everything according to the recipe. Thank goodness for the internet, eh?”

Sami (tilting her head): “Sure. At least this way it’s not our fault if they don’t turn out right.”

EJ (smiling): “Sounds good to me, sweetheart.”

Sami picks up a spoon and the ingredients bowl and starts stirring. EJ watches her struggle with mixing the ingredients together.

EJ (getting up): “Here, let me help you.”

EJ comes behind Sami and envelops her, holding her with his left arm and helping her to stir with his right. Sami feels the strength in EJ’s body and relaxes against him as he forces the spoon through the batter.

EJ (quietly): “It just takes a bit of finesse, darling.”

As they move their arms in circles together, Sami feels the warmth of EJ’s hand on top of hers. After a few minutes, EJ stops stirring.

EJ (looking down at Sami): “There we go. Looks to good to me. What about you?”

Sami (looking up at EJ): “Almost. I think it could use a little more.”

EJ (raising his eyebrow): “A little more, eh? I suppose we wouldn’t want the cupcakes to get burned because we had to overcook them, now would we?”

Sami (raising her eyebrow): “No, we wouldn’t.”

EJ continues to hold Sami as they slowly mix the ingredients together.