Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

“I was nine months pregnant.” That was last August, and the twins were born in October, so no, you weren’t.
“Boxers...blue. You had some sort of monogram on them.” No, they were maroon and unadorned. Ah, Days, your staff research is unparalleled.

“Count the money.”
“That won't take long.” Oooh, baby joke. I need more!
“All right, let's see what we got here- driver's license, credit card, store card. All of these say ‘Samantha Roberts.’” Which makes no sense considering Lucas is now Lucas Horton, and Sami’s been called Samantha DiMera on more than one occasion, but as our incorrect trip down Ejami memory lane demonstrates, Days doesn’t let little things like “logic” or “reality” get in the way of the show.

“So why can't you just pretend that you're in love with me?” Because she wouldn’t be pretending, and there’d be no going back after that.
“You didn't seem to have any problem doing it when I was shot, darling.” Actually I disagree, EJ. The nicest thing she said to you was “you’re the strongest man I know,” which is an exquisite complement, but purposely nonromantic.

“You gave me the kiss of life.”
“You're still saving my life.”
“How about I act the part a little bit better? And I'd tell you how much I love you.” Sigh. EJ was quite the dreamy romantic today until Sami shot him down. It’s only then he got “cynical,” which he really wasn’t. http://thesaurus.reference.com/, show.

Grade: Short, but sweet. EJ was lovely, and Sami wasn’t bad, which is the best we can really hope out of her at this point. And the clothes were nice today too. B+.

Don't Look Directly at the White Shirt!

Hulu has another Ejami clip up, and it's part of the April 28th show where EJ and Sami are preparing for the immigration hearing.

I Was Dreaming

In the middle of the night, EJ is standing by the window in the DiMansion living room. Outside, the weather violently crashes against the walls of the building. Sami walks into the room and smiles as she sees him.

Sami (pleased): “Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one the storm woke up. I’m surprised the twins are sleeping through this when it’s so bad.”

EJ (as if he’s seeing the weather for the first time): “Really. I hadn’t noticed.”

Sami (surprised): “Of course you did. It couldn’t be louder.”

Sami stops as she sees EJ staring outside.

Sami (cautiously): “EJ?”

EJ turns his head and looks at her.

Sami (wondering): “If the storm didn’t wake you, then why are you up?”

EJ makes no move to answer. Sami joins him by the window and looks up at him.

Sami (impatiently): “Well?”

EJ considers Sami and smiles slightly.

Sami (when he doesn’t say anything): “You can tell me.”

EJ (wary): “Can I?”

Sami (honestly): “Yes.”

Choosing to take her at her word, EJ gently takes Sami’s arm and moves them away from the window. They both sit down on the couch.

EJ (with difficulty): “I was awake, Samantha…because I had a nightmare.”