Monday, February 18, 2008

The Perfect Pair

EJ and Sami are lying on their bed side by side on top of the covers.

Sami (turning towards him): “So what are you thinking, EJ?”

EJ (looking at her): “How I’m surprised Ryan Newman won the Dayton 500?”

Sami (shaking her head): “I think those days are behind you, Mr. Former International Race Car Driver.”

EJ (moving his shoulders): “Okay then…how soaps are dying because they confuse angst for romance?”

Sami (agreeing): “True…but that’s not it either.”

EJ (moving his arm and tracing the outline of her cheek with his finger): “How the light from your eyes shines directly into my soul.”

Sami (blushing): “Yes…but that’s not all, is it?”

EJ (sinking into the bedding beneath him): “No, it’s not. I was just thinking about how much we’ve accomplished given the circumstances…for a non-romantic couple where I was preromancing you, I mean.”

Sami (grasping his hand with hers): “We have, haven’t we?”

Sami (tilting her head): “And you are the most handsome plot device I’ve ever seen.”

EJ (eyes lighting up): “Am I now?”

Sami (moving closer to him): “Of course.”

Sami (amazed): “Who would have ever guessed a summer love in between pairings would be my true soulmate?”

Ej (chuckling): “No one, sweetheart, which is entirely our problem, eh?”

Sami (considering): “I guess you’re right. But it looks like we might be actually getting somewhere…if we can wait two weeks.”

EJ (wrapping his arms around her): “Two weeks. That’s a long time.”

Sami (leaning into him): “It is.”

EJ (kissing her on the top of her head): “We’ll just have to wait then. And I’ve been meaning to ask, since this is our bed, what kind of sheets did you pick out, darling?”

Sami (resting her cheek against his chest): “Hmmm...I can’t remember.”

EJ (raising his eyebrow): “Then I suppose we should look, shouldn’t we?”

Sami (looking up at him): “We should.”

EJ bends his head down to kiss Sami slowly and passionately.