Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25th, 2008

“Okay, not so fast. Did you have a pillow fight?” Red alert! Actual joke sighted and delivered!

“Well, don't mind me. I have plenty of work to do.” Oh, I mind, EJ. You’re the only reason I’m watching this drivel.

“ my experience, I think it's rather important to be true to yourself. Take it from somebody who learned the hard way. It doesn't pay to pretend to be somebody you're not.” Exactly, Evil EJ. The Summer EJ act didn’t get you your Samantha, did it? She still ran out on you. So it’s time to drop the nice mask, and show your true evil face.
“It's not that easy, Elvis John.” Don’t patronize Evil EJ, Jawn.
“Uh, what's not that easy?” I’d like to know too.
“Jumping ships from the Bradys to the DiMeras. You still need to prove your loyalty.” Jawn, Evil EJ is more DiMera than you’ll ever be.
“We already had that conversation, remember-the part about me being ready, willing, able” and “It's because I am sure. I'd like my life back. Thank you. And if working...for you is gonna help me get it, then that's what I'm gonna do.” Given the hesitation before admitting that he’s working for Jawn and how Evil EJ seems annoyed with Jawn, I do think now that he’s angling to take back the DiEmpire here. Sounds fantastic to me. Let the coup begin!

“Judge Karen Fitzpatrick, sir. Apparently we had nothing better to do with this screentime.”

“Who the hell wrote this?” That’s what I want to know, Kate!

“Well, that went rather well, don't you think?” and “Aren't you?” EJ’s emotional needs continue. Sami, you really need to get in gear and reassure your man here.

Evil EJ was remarkably patient with Morgan here. And the slow-mo shooting was laughably bad, but I appreciate Evil EJ only looking after himself as Sami and the twins weren’t around. Had he attempted to save anyone I would have been annoyed.

Grade: B. More filler, but Evil EJ looked very handsome in his black suit and purple tie. And he made an actual joke! Alert the news media!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

“Ava, I just came back from meeting with the assistant D.A. I wouldn't necessarily be making any long-term plans now if I were you.” Someone’s read the spoilers!

“So, when you take all the facts into account, I must agree with Christian here. After all, as sad as it is that his sister is having financial problems, she shouldn’t expect a $200k handout from him, much less get their mother to insult his wife when he refuses. And wanting to teach him a lesson? What a-oh, wait, are we supposed to be talking about your case?”

“I don't know of a lawyer in this country that could convince a jury to acquit you.” Try looking in the mirror.
“Two pilots are dead. These men were married. They both had children.” +2 points for remembering, Days.
“However, one of-I forget his name-one of your cousins, whoever it was you had sabotage the plane...” But oh, that’s a -1 penalty.
“Now, if we have a lot of different players in this game, we have an opportunity, I think, to be able to take them and begin to play them off against each other. It's not gonna work for very long, but we can buy some time.” Just like this show and its devout fanbases!

“Look, we both know some good people and some powerful people. We also know that this is a really poor way to insinuate that we have nefarious connections, but good dialogue is hard to find around here at the moment.”

Grade: B. Filler. Entertaining filler to be sure, as I do love me some EJ even if he’s dressed like the “Happy Hour” extras on the FOX Business Channel, but still filler. Remove this, and you lose nothing.

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