Monday, February 9, 2009

Note to James Scott

So I read your little interview in the Valentine's Day issue of SOD, and my reaction is pretty much summed up by the following-just imagine "Ejole" in the place of "light":

I understand it's part of your job to plug your current couple, and it's fine that you prefer EJ with Nicole, but there was no need to publicly trash Ejami and us Ejami fans. Without us, you would currently not be portraying EJ, you ungrateful egotistical twit. So while I'm still an Ejami fan, I'm no longer a James Scott one.

Spin the Wheel of Cluelessness

So we made the Soap Opera Digest's Insider email mailing once again:

The original (the text was removed, but these are the images and background):

The blurb that goes along with it is "Finally, the Ejami fans from the Sony Board fans sent the board game Clue, with the message, 'Ejami fans all over the world, with their unwavering enthusiasm, support their spellbinding supercouple! They have played their own special version of Clue to see what kind of results they will find. The solutions: EJ in the abandoned house, with his DiMera legacy, steals Sami's heart and Samantha, in the abandoned house, with her Brady spirit, captures EJ's soul!'" I see that SOD edited the text that I wrote and didn't mention the part about TPTB buying a clue, but hey, why bother when it ain't going to happen, eh?

Anyway, as usual, I didn't do any actual work, and all the thanks should go to UHcougar for ordering the board games and sending them in.