Sunday, January 20, 2008

An Ocean Away Isn't Far Enough

Caustin are in their living room when Dallas shows a large envelope to Carrie.

Dallas: "Oh, Carrie, I forgot to mention that this arrived for you before Christmas."

Carrie (annoyed): "And you just now remembered?"

Dallas (apologetic): "I'm sorry, but with the holidays and Will refusing to share his PlayStation 3, it completely slipped my mind."

Dallas hands the envelope to Carrie.

Dallas (kissing Carrie on the cheek): "Well, I better go sell chocolate or make watches whatever it is I do here in Switzerland."

Carrie opens the envelope as Dallas leaves the room.

Carrie (horrified): "Oh my..."

The envelope contains several professional photos of Lucas in particular positions along with a note that says "Still waiting for you, my pet."

Carrie (running after Dallas): "Austin! Austin, let me come with you!"