Monday, September 1, 2008

Friday, August 29th, 2008

That’s Casual Evil EJ for you. Sami hasn’t asked for his help yet, and he’s already telling Mickey how worried she is about Ali.

“And how ridiculous is that? That we just sat back and allowed this con artist to call the shots, a man who knows nothing about our family. He's just an added blemish to the name. And with him running things, how do you expect any of us, including your son, to ever become respected citizens of this community?” Sheesh, tell us how you really feel, Tony. You are quite the gray character now, aren’t you?
“John's done nothing but make a mess of things, but I told you I would take care of this.” That’s so not what happened in your stairwell convo last Friday, but whatever.
“Right now, the only person that he thinks is any kind of threat is Father. He thinks I'm on his side.” He’s not the only one.
“Take a more assertive approach. Why hide what we're after? Stand up and claim what's rightfully ours. Hence our moving in-step one.” I like boldness as much as the next chick, Tony, but that’s the wrong approach here.
“Tony, you're forgetting about one rather large impediment. Father.” Bingo!
“But I think we both know he's not gone from our lives forever. I mean, this is Father, you know. He's laying low. He's watching. He's waiting. He's biding his time until it's safe for him to return.” Exactly. EJ knows his father.
“Which won't be for a long time, if ever. So, you see, he can't possibly be a threat or even an impediment to our cause.” Tony does not.

“Let’s see, strega, cigars, champagne, opera recordings, Metallica’s new “Death Magnetic” CD, “The Sopranos" on DVD-wait, what?”

“I don't think it's a joke at all. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Father was on his way here” and “I don't know. I sincerely doubt that he sent all of this stuff just to have a laugh at us.” Ah, Evil EJ, you already know that Stefano was in the mansion yesterday, and you’re not sharing that knowledge with Tony. Excellent.

“This is about standing up for what's right, turning this family around and not just or me or us, but for the whole family as well-for Alexandra, for little Johnny, for Theo. And getting that ruthless, arrogant android out of this place-this place that should be ours.”
“Oh, and EJ’s home, too. Let's not forget about him.”
“Oh, I haven't forgotten about him. But one thing at a time, darling. One thing at a time.” Ah, Tony’s picked up on Evil EJ’s evil intentions for the DiEmpire. But seriously? Tony, Tony, Tony…you really think Evil EJ is going to let you run things? Not to mention Stefano? He likes EJ a lot more than he likes you.
“Oh, excuse me. Yes, DiMera residence.” Dude, does anyone not on a television show actually answer the phone like this?

Grade: B+. Yes, there was a lot of Tanna, and I’m always up for the dialogue to improve, but I’m loving how this is shaping up here. John vs. Tony vs. EJ vs. Stefano in the ultimate grudge match! And EJ is playing all three sides! Totally sweet! I’m very pleased with Evil EJ’s chosen strategy here, especially since John treats EJ like his slow learning part-time Wal-Mart associate, and Tony is treating him like a useless kid brother he can’t wait to ditch with all the “follow my lead” and “you and I have to get a few things straight.” Neither of them respects him, which EJ knows since he’s not being honest with either of them, just telling them both what they want to hear. I approve of the stealth. Let them both think you are on their side, and then after they’ve tired themselves fighting it out, take it all for yourself. The bottom line is John and Tony are going about this all wrong. Underestimating both Stefano and EJ is a grave mistake. While things may be “not good” between EJ and Stefano right now, their goals are much more compatible with each other than John’s Blackening of the DiEmpire and Tony’s zeal to restore the family name, and they don’t even have to work together to make a joint impact. Either EJ or Stefano is going to come out the victor here, and neither of those scenarios bode well for Tony or John. As for EJ vs. Stefano, well, I need more information. Whatever serious issues there are between them, EJ loves his father, and he’s still susceptible to Stefano’s influence to due to his extensive conditioning. Yet he will choose Sami and the twins over his father. So we’ll see, won’t we?

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Still no outfit change? It’s official. This one day in Salem took nearly three weeks on screen.

Yeah, I can't watch this
Look, show, I can't watch this
You better bury Lumi
Before the ratings tank again
I can't watch this

“I'm sorry. This is just getting to me, too. Here, come on. I'm sure it's gonna be fine. It's gonna be fine.” Little moments like this are why Ejami is so compatible. Emotionally, they need reassurance, so EJ hugging Sami is very comforting for both of them. Highlight of the episode.


Ejami A-, rest F. The two seconds of Ejami were lovely. The rest? Not so much. Do I know that in Salem time Lumi broke up only two days ago? Yes, yes, I do. Do I care? No, no, I don’t. It’s not my fault time is wonky on the damn show. I don’t need to see more Lumi, and only on a soap could someone with Lucas’ criminal and substance abuse history have a shot at any sort of custody. He has no case-Stefano isn’t going to take Ali or Johnny. They’re not in Sami’s old crappy apartment anymore; they’re living in his mansion, exactly where he would want them to be in order to raise them as proper DiMeras. Seriously, Days, now that the excellent hospital crisis is over, you need to keep up the momentum. Hurry this stuff up. The ratings are just going to drop again if you don’t.