Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Road Thus Far

Since we’re in the middle of an Ejami drought, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Ever since Sami Brady walked across the hall and EJ DiMera opened the door, the couple known as Ejami electrified the world. This exciting new pairing had the full support of TPTB from day one, and fans were excited to see where Days’ newest Supercouple would take them.

The Ejami romance heated up during the summer of 2006 with Ejami spending hours together laughing and chasing each other around the shores of Salem. They even won a cash prize for the most inappropriate beachwear.

Ejami’s love continued into the fall as the pair grew even closer while attending numerous events together like Metallica’s concert at the Salem Civic Center.

December 29th, 2006 was a hallmark day in Ejami’s history as EJ surprised Sami with a week long trip to Paris, and it was here, beneath the lights of the Eiffel Tower, EJ proposed to the woman he loved. Of course Sami instantly and happily accepted.

Befitting a man named after the King of Rock and Roll, EJ suggested that Ejami marry in Vegas, and Sami was so enthralled by the idea that less than two months after they were engaged, Ejami were married on Valentine’s Day 2007 in a small private ceremony where they wrote their own vows.

The two of them spent their long spring Honeymoon sunning themselves on the beach in Saint-Tropez, having just got back from plundering the casinos in Monte Carlo. They drank Bordeaux while feeding each other grapes, and it was very fun. As Somerset Maugham said, "the French Riviera is a very sunny place populated by very shady people."

After their excursions in Europe, Ejami decided to take a summer road trip across the United States in order to visit Sami’s twin brother in Colorado. Alas, EJ and Sami were ambushed and captured by demons. But fortunately for our favorite couple, Eric arrived just in the nick of time to prevent them from being possessed.

After being injured in the Demon War, EJ was hospitalized and sent back to the East Coast for medical treatment. Drawing on his vast DiMera racing fortune, he hired top specialists from around the country, and with his wife by his side, he made a complete recovery.

Having recently learned of Ejami’s union through the local paper, EJ’s father lashed out in anger and banished our intrepid couple to the red planet. But the joke was on Stefano as Ejami was shocked to learn that Mars not only had a breathable nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere but an entire advanced civilization of Martians hidden beneath the planet’s crust.

Hitching a ride back to Earth with some Martian tourists, Ejami found themselves stuck on a deserted island for a month before being able to hail a passing cruise ship.

Ejami arrived back in Salem only to land in the middle of a T-1000 invasion. But by combining EJ’s ham radio communication skills and Sami’s test result switching abilities, the two were able to turn SkyNet against itself, saving Earth from future machine facilitated genocide.

With The War Against The Machines averted, Ejami settled down to several months of quiet in order to prepare for the birth of their twins. EJ and Sami were overjoyed upon welcoming Johnny and Ali DiMera into their family, and as soon as the twins were old enough, they took them on a long trip to Disney World.

Upon returning to Salem, Ejami took their rightful place as Days’ first villain supercouple, wreaking havoc upon the town according to their capricious whims. They stand today as a magnificent example of how evil always triumphs over good.

As we expectantly look towards the future, where will Ejami take us rabid Ejami fans next? Only they know, but we can’t wait to find out!