Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Shirt Off His Back

Cleaning up the living room, EJ catches Sami sneaking glances at him that he's not supposed to notice. He stands up and looks at her.

EJ (innocently): "What is it, sweetheart?"

Sami (alarmed): "Nothing."

EJ (raising his eyebrow): "Nothing?"

Sami (defensive): "No, nothing. I was just thinking."

EJ (interested): "About what?"

Sami (blushing as she covers): "Nothing in particular...the twins."

EJ (going with it): "Oh, is that all? Speaking of which, why don't I check on them, eh? I'm thinking of taking a nap later, so I'd like to help out before I do so."

Sami can't take her eyes off EJ as he pretends to yawn and then stretch his entire upper body, extending his arms to their full length above his head.

EJ (winking as he leaves): "Be right back, darling."

Redfaced and silent, Sami watches EJ exit the room, not seeing the smirk on his face. After a few moments, Sami follows EJ, and she nearly runs into him as he exits the twins’ room.

Sami (stopping short): “Is something wrong?”

EJ (coming back into living room): “No, quite the opposite, actually. They looked so peaceful I didn’t want to take the chance of disturbing them.”

Sami (understanding): “Oh. Well, that’s probably a good idea then.”

EJ (wondering): “I’m sorry for almost knocking you down, darling. Did you need something?”

Sami (slowly): “No, I just...”

Sami sighs heavily as EJ waits patiently.

Sami (giving in): “I know what I said, but I wasn’t really thinking about the twins…I was thinking about you.”

EJ (lighting up): “Me?”

Sami (matter of fact): “Yeah, I was thinking about your shirt.”

EJ (leading): “My shirt?”

Sami (awkwardly): “Yeah, your shirt. It’s…uh, it’s a good fitting shirt on you, and you should know that.”

EJ (false innocence): “I had no idea you were so interested in my wardrobe, darling.”

Sami (narrowing her eyes): “I’m not interested in you at all, EJ. I just thought you should know that that kind of shirt is the type of shirt you should wear…for future reference.”

EJ (mock seriously): “In that case, thank you. I shall file that away next to the knowledge of what brand of socks I prefer to wear.”

Sami (trying to convince herself): “I was just thinking about your shirt. I wasn’t thinking about you at all.”

EJ moves right next to Sami and lowers his head, placing his face a few inches from hers.

EJ (barely audible): “I know.”

Realization dawns in Sami’s eyes as EJ’s gaze bores into her.

EJ (evocatively): “Lucky shirt.”

Transfixed, Sami watches as EJ raises himself back up to his full height.

EJ (pretending to think): “I believe I’m going to take a shower before my nap, so I’ll see you later, eh?”

Not bothering to hide the even larger smirk on his face, EJ briskly walks away from Sami. For several seconds, Sami stands still.

Sami (eyes widening): “Dammit!

Sami turns around.

Sami (eyes widening as her voice gets louder): “EJ!”

EJ pretends not to hear her as he moves towards the bathroom.

Sami (running and speaking as loudly as she dares with the twins asleep): “Get back here, Elvis!”

At the mention of his given name, EJ slows. Sami catches up with him as he stands in the doorway of the bathroom. EJ turns to face her.

EJ (enjoying the tease): “Ah, with that you’re serious now, are you? Don’t I dare what, my dear? Take a shower? A nap? Perhaps both? What exactly is it that I should be doing, eh?”

Sami (gritting out the words): “Just because you are a very handsome man-”

EJ (mock surprise as he interrupts): “Am I now?”

Sami (pointing at EJ): “And I happen to find you…somewhat physically attractive…doesn’t mean anything is going to happen between us. Not now, not ever.”

EJ (nodding): “Of course not.”

Sami (nodding in response): “So we understand each other.”

EJ (leaning forward): “Perfectly, sweetheart. I have some work ahead of me if I want to get that somewhat up to irresistibly, so I better get cracking on that shower, eh?”

Grinning, EJ shuts the door in Sami’s face.

Sami (aghast): “EJ? EJ!!”