Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

“We can’t do this.” Yup. In Salem time it’s only been two days since Lucas dumped Sami. Ejami is better than that.

It’s been ages since Sami’s looked at EJ like this. She, and we, have come a long, long way.

“Hey, Samantha, just tell me that this is not just all about-that it wasn't a mistake, that it wasn't due to the circumstances, that it wasn't to do with-”
“It wasn’t...because of the gas here...because of being trapped here. What happened, happened. I know what I said. I meant it. I couldn't imagine my life without you, EJ.”
“Thank you. I couldn't imagine my life without you. Come here.” Actual progress! Woot!

And this says it all. Sami is almost where EJ needs her to be, but not quite.

“Is that your backhanded way of asking me whether or not I'm going to punish you for shooting Elvis, hmm? No. At least not now.” Yeah, with EJ completely recovered and Ejami slowly coming together, it’s water under the bridge at this point. But if EJ were still in a wheelchair, I have no doubt that Stefano would have Rolf remove Lucas’ spine in order to repair EJ’s.

“You would never comprehend it. But this-I just want to tell you that I am very happy, and it's a good idea that you are moving on now with the lovely Miss Lane, because it is obvious that Samantha has finally realized that her place is by Elvis' side.” It sounds so powerful when he says it!
“That makes you really happy, doesn't it?”
“It does, indeed.” You and me both, Stefano.
“Fine. If you ask me, I think they deserve each other.”
“They do. And, together, they will be the future of my family.” Yea! Elvis and Samantha DiMera!
“You can go to hell.”
“Ah, well, at least I won't be alone.” Exactly! One happy evil family!

Officer Chuck was a good man. You two are no Officer Chuck.

“I mean, basically, we can tell you the gas is nonlethal. It seemed to cause coughing, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness. It was a mild hallucinogen also that affected everyone except me. I just have this strange need to keep my shirt open for some reason.”

“Yeah, I-I thought that EJ was Stef-” I loved how EJ stopped Sami from finishing the story and how Sami was surprised that he did so. You know Lucas would have been all SHE TRIPPED ME OW whining to Roman.

You can show me shots of Nicole looking sad all you want, Days, and not only do I not feel sorry for her, it just makes me dislike her more.

“Look, physically, he was immobile, but mentally he was completely active the whole time. Marlena trapped him inside his own body.” And EJ is none too happy about it.
“Oh, please. He deserved it-and worse. She should have killed him.” Sami hasn’t caught onto the whole EJ loves his father thing yet.
“Easy, please.” And notice the incredulous look Lexie gave EJ at his words here? She doesn’t understand either.

“Of course I care about Lucas. This whole pentgram mess isn’t over yet.”

"I want to be with Lucas. I want to be with EJ. Lucas or EJ? I have feelings for EJ. Because we have a son together. But, Lucas, I've got to be honest. I still have feelings for you because of our daughter, and I just don't know."
Okay, I actually laughed at this. Man, TPTB’s inability to commit sounds even stupider out loud, doesn’t it?
“No real tie breaker there, is there?” Oh, I wouldn’t worry, Lucas. It will be broken soon enough.
“History always repeats itself with Sami. I'm telling you, we're through. I've come to realize that...we'll never have a chance at being truly happy with each other.” Nope. The Lumi wedding was supposed to be it for you guys. EJ was supposed to have been shot before it, and later down the road he’d bother you again as would have shown up to steal Ali and raise her as a DiMera. Ah, direction changes.

“Hey. Look, I know that we don't know each other very well, but I do know my brother.” What, did your mom fill you in?
“So, um, listen. If there's any way that you can get my brother away from Sami, I say go for it.” You’re only saying that because they retconned Evil EJ killing you and Tek and burying the bodies in a swamp. You wouldn’t if you saw the difference between how Sami treats EJ and how Nicole treats EJ.
“Thank you, Lexie, but I have been down that road before with Sami, and, believe me, I have given it my best shot more times than I want to count with E.J. It's a losing battle, and I don't have the strength to fight it.” Oh, the irony of these words considering what you do tomorrow, Nicole.

“Your open shirt. Hugging together, kissing passionately. Yeah, that visual is burned deep in my brain.” Permanently, I hope.

Show, you are just plain cruel. I want an Ejami baby! And you don’t get bloodwork back instantly either, Lexie.

Joe is a cutie. I hope Stefano didn’t actually do anything to him. Let him grow up first.

“I meant everything I said.” So EJ now has “feelings” for Nicole? Yippie. IMHO this is a change here from Evil EJ at the Java Café or even last week’s stairwell episode, and logistically this is to further delay Ejami as Sami works her way up to “I love you, EJ, and I want to be with you” so we get more Ejole in the meantime. Sucky. Who let Good EJ out of his cage? I don’t buy that EJ loves Nicole, and he’s never told her that, but he’s been burned over and over again by Sami. He’s wary of her screwing him over yet again. Problem for him is, less risk, less reward, as Nicole is incapable of giving him the high level of attention and reassurance he needs. Yet as stupid as this is, it will establish that EJ and Sami truly love each other and are with each other because they want to be and not because of anything else. Moreover, when this is all said and done, Nicole is going to wish that Evil EJ was using her. Just as Jim didn’t want to hurt Karen being with her when he loved Pam on “The Office,” EJ will end up hurting Nicole a lot more this way than if he had told her to get bent today…so it’s not all bad. Jim cut out Karen’s heart in the end.

“ shouldn't take any chances.” Exactly. EJ doesn’t listen to Nicole tell him to get checked out, but he immediately caves to Sami. It would have been nice if someone would have remembered that he was knocked unconscious, but hey, what’s a possible hairline skull fracture?

Grade: B. Stefano pimping Ejami is hilarious, and Sami has made a ton of progress in a very short time here. Yet while EJ keeping Nicole around is smart so Sami finally commits to him, do I like EJ having “feelings” for Nicole? No. No, I totally don’t. But because of Ali, Lumi is still not totally over yet even with the breakup, so Ejole can’t be either. Like Lumi where Lucas wants Sami to be someone she’s not and Sami is trying to be that woman for him, Ejole is Nicole thinking EJ can love a woman other than Sami and EJ thinking that Nicole is a woman worth putting that kind of effort in to try. Sami is Sami, and EJ loves her. Anything else is just pretend. And if TPTB idiotically drag this out until November sweeps, well, they will have to pull another crisis (the “Ali gets sick, and she’s EJs” cliché?) moving Ejami forward and pushing them as rooting couple because the ratings won’t support it. Seriously, do we really need to keep watching Phelle/Shelle/Shimi: Now with Evil? I’ve seen all of this before! All of it! And the networks wonder why soaps keep declining.

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