Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

“She was a toddler yesterday, and now she’s a baby again?! What in the heck did you people do to her?!!”

“Here, Samantha, let me.”
“There we go. See? That wasn't so tough. That wasn't so tough, was it?”
“She just likes the sound of my voice, don't you?”
“There you go. Now, you be good for your mummy, all right?” Oh, I love Daddy EJ!

“You know, I really don't want him anywhere near my daughter.” Well, I don’t want you anywhere near my Ejami, but we don’t always get what we want, do we?”
“It looks like Ali prefers EJ.” Ali knows her father!
“Lucas, you must feel like a total loser.” Daily occurrence there, Nicole.

“You are bloody lucky tonight.” Exactly, EJ. Ali could have been kidnapped, hit by a car, fallen into a ditch, etc.
“She never in any danger.” Lucas, you arrogant jerk! You’re not even sorry!

“This is your last chance, Horton. You stay within the perimeter or you'll be back in prison. You understand?” You tell him, Officer Chuck!

“I need to put the kids down for their nap.”
“Just don't, all right?”
“I have done a bloody good job of raising your daughter for the last few months.”
“Okay, I'm gonna put these two down for a nap.”
“After your behavior today, I don't think you're capable of being left on your own with Ali anymore. Samantha, would you please make sure that he is not left alone with the children? Thank you.” I enjoyed how EJ took command today. He is not going to let anyone, much less Lucas, get in the way of the twins’ welfare.

“I think for right now, it would be best if you weren't alone with the twins. So let me do exactly that in a few minutes so I can go get a cappuccino.”

“Uh, Sami's here. I need to talk to her. Do you mind? I have to very clumsily insert myself into her plotline.”

“I was drunk, something I'm sure you're familiar with, and you say a lot of things when you're drunk,” “I don't know what you're talking about, sweetheart,” and “All right, well, even if you're right, and I'm not saying you are, what do you intend to do about it? What are you doing?” EJ handled this very well, staying calm and letting Nicole tell him what she knows. And the glaring. Man. Let the bad things start soon, please.

Grade: B-. I liked EJ today, but he wasn’t around that much, and my Phloe was ruined by Chloe’s sudden magical interest in Lumi. Oh, Days.