Monday, March 31, 2008

Do You Have a First-Aid Kit Handy?

Ejami is sitting at their kitchen table in the middle of the night. EJ is telling Sami about his DiMera upbringing.

Sami (trying to understand): "So, you had to know everything about us? About all the Bradys?"

EJ (explaining): "Yes. Father wanted to make sure that I was prepared. I had to know every possible detail about everyone."

Sami (confused): "Even I don't know that much about our family. How could you possibly do that?"

EJ (chuckling in spite of himself): "Well...I made flashcards."

Sami (disbelieving): "Flashcards?"

EJ (rubbing his neck): "Yes, I wrote carefully everything down and spent hours quizzing myself before Stefano would test me."

Sami (eyes widening): "EJ..."

EJ (defensive): "It wasn't that bad. I have a good memory."

Sami (concerned): "I know you do. But what happened when you answered wrong, when you didn't remember?"

EJ doesn't answer as he looks away and down at the floor. After several minutes of silence, Sami anxiously waits for him to speak again.

EJ (quietly): "Nothing I didn't deserve. I should have studied harder."

Alarmed at the far away look in EJ's eyes, Sami speaks softly yet forcefully.

Sami (imploringly): "It wasn't your fault, EJ. That's insane. He's insane. He should have never made you do any of that."

EJ (looking upward and over at her): "True, but I admit it did come in useful later on-"

Sami (reaching out for him as she shakes her head): "No. That wasn't okay. He must have done something to you-how did he hur-"

EJ (jerking away from her touch): "I don't want to talk about this any longer, all right?"

Sami (worried): "EJ, I know it's hard-"

EJ (staring at her): "No, you don't. And it doesn't matter in any case."

EJ swallows with difficulty as he looks around uneasily.

EJ (suddenly getting up): "I'm sorry, Samantha, but I'm exhausted. I'm going back to bed."

Sami (one last time): "Wait, EJ. Why don't I make you some-"

EJ purposely cuts her off midsentence by kissing her on the top of her head.

EJ (stonewalling): "Good night, darling."

EJ leaves the room. Once he is out of earshot, Sami sighs as she realizes that repairing the emotional damage to her husband is going to be even more difficult than she expected.