Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

“Over my dead body.” Good morning, Evil EJ! Perfect timing to interrupt Lumi yet again I see.

I thoroughly enjoyed how harsh EJ was here and how he was noticeably softer with Sami later. If only there had been some jokes.

I’d say this was like a cartoon, but that’s insulting to cartoons.

Oh, sure, Evil EJ just happened to have the time to stop by and get his latte of suffering after you told him you were going to be here. Sami, you aren’t nearly suspicious enough.

“Isn’t this nice?” Yes, it is. Someone likes spending time with his family.

She’s not a pet, Lucas!

When Babies Escape

May I take a moment here to say that I love the Java CafĂ© set for some reason? I think it’s the lighting; it just looks like a nice place to hang out and chat over a tasty beverage. Ejami needs to come here more often.

“We make a good team.” Yes, you do, EJ, and Sami looks like she’s starting to figure that out.

“Hey, Sami, your dad here and I slept together once. No, no particular reason I mentioned that, I just wanted to throw it out there.”

It’s our favorite Salem Police Officer extra! You know, he really needs a name at this point. Chuck sounds good to me. Hello Officer Chuck!

Uh, Nicole, you’re supposed to threaten EJ about revealing the secret before you follow through and tell Sami. Otherwise you’ve just screwed over EJ without having the opportunity to gain anything. Man, you really did lose all your brain cells with the hair color change, didn’t you?

It’s an evil day in the neighborhood
A evil day for a DiMera
Samantha will be mine
Yes, Samantha will be mine

*gasp* Immigration Dude?!! Elvis, you magnificent bastard.

“How could you be so irresponsible?” Um, he’s Lucas? Standard operating procedure here.

“I don’t know what he was thinking either, Mommy.”

“I appreciate everything you’re doing for my family, and a token of my appreciation will be in your Swiss bank account tomorrow morning.”
“And remember, discretion is required.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” You know, it doesn’t even matter if EJ’s been conspiring with Immigration Dude the entire time, starting just now, or something in between. Whatever the answer is, it’s delicious. Oh, Evil EJ. This is why I *heart* you.

Grade: B. Evil EJ was in rare form today with his stalking and overarching conspiracies, and I love it when he enjoys his coffee. Even though I really liked the Ejami time, I did feel that Sami was a little cold to him. I mean, it’s clear she’s starting to wake up, but she’s just not there yet. I did enjoy how she assumed he was meeting with Nicole again when he looked at his watch, though. She’s definitely jealous.