Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Okay, Nick is apparently watching Melanie’s vlog in Microsoft Word. So what’s next? He listens to music in Excel?

I’d be more impressed with this for the DiMansion if the show didn’t use the same damn establishing shot for the Kiriakis mansion.

“John, I have a funny feeling whatever you're whispering isn't sweet nor nothing.” Ah, now that’s an Evil EJ line. Well done.
“We were having a private conversation. Well, then how about this? Stay out of it. It's none of your business” and “Everything is on a need-to-know basis, nephew, and, right now, there's nothing you need to know.” John isn’t too happy with EJ, is he?
“Unfortunately, as your lawyer, it rather is my business. If you have something to tell me, I think you should tell me right about now” and “Why don't I like the sound of that?” And the feeling is mutual.

“First piece of news is that Judge Fitzpatrick has been removed from the case.” And here I thought she suddenly wasn’t going to accept bribes or some such. Not bad, Days.
“What? Why?” You’re leaving soon. Otherwise you’d totally beat this.
“In light of full disclosure, they presented me with some new evidence: an e-mail correspondence between you and one of the gentlemen who tampered with the plane in Ireland.”
“That's impossible because everything that I sent, I erased. I made sure nothing could be traced, ever.” Um, email so doesn’t work like that. And nothing is ever truly erased electronically, at least not with a magnetic hard drive.

“John, before I go, you'd do well to consider our earlier conversation. If you don't let me know what's going on, I can't help you,” “The kid's too smart for his own good,” and “It's unfortunate that I can't bring myself to trust him enough to tell him.” Hmm, EJ is rankled by John not letting him in, and John doesn’t trust EJ…not exactly something to build on here.

“Stefano here? Here at the hospital?” No, the circus, because that’s where you take incapacitated people who have seizures. Lexie is truly the worst doctor ever.

Cellphone use while driving? Illegal. Texting while driving? Illegal. Shaving while driving? Not illegal. And of course the day when EJ’s beard has finally grown in and looks sexy is the day he has to shave it. I would expect nothing less.

“Is he here? What's going on? Is he waking up?” While Tony and Lexie are dismayed at the possibility of Stefano awakening, EJ is overwhelmed. He truly loves his father.

John getting a “Dear John” letter? Oh, the irony!

Grade: B+. Evil EJ looked lovely in his black suit, and I loved the beard until it was suddenly shaved off. I also loved EJ being worried about Stefano. And I’ll be honest here, with the discord between John and EJ and all the feelings that his father awakening will bring up within EJ, I have to swim against the prevailing sentiment here. I believe that Stefano’s hold on EJ will be too strong for him to resist. EJ’s been purposefully designed to serve his father…and without Sami by his side, there’s nothing in the way to prevent Stefano from using that programming.