Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Yeah, there’s nothing I like to do more than talk sex with my mom. And Sami, I like the top a lot but not the color. You’re not an autumn.

Bru Bru, you have got to hook me up. I’ll give you 20 bucks if you can get EJ to wear a black t-shirt with TEH EVILS written on it.

“Will Lucas be able to forgive me?” Oh, I certainly hope not.

“You could move out.” Yeah, why should Elvis DiMera live in the DiMera mansion? That’s just crazy talk. And I heard a rumor that there was a joke in here but beats me what it was. Insulting Lucas is only noteworthy if it’s funny. I heard nothing amusing here.

Ali knows who her daddy is!

“If it’s a ‘69, she was expecting me.”

Yes, EJ is always there for his Samantha. If only we could say the same about her being there for him.

Chelvis lives!

Oh, man. This is one of the best suits I’ve ever seen EJ in. I mean, damn. Black suit and red tie? Evil EJ sings the body demonic.

“Rolf, did you ever do something that you enjoyed at the time but regretted later?” Sami, he was Stefano’s evil mad doctor. Talk about a usual day at the office for him.

What a difference a few days makes. That looks painful.

So, Chelvis. Better than Ejcole, but that’s not exactly saying much, is it? Ah, I liked it anyway even if it was completely superfluous. In another universe, EJ and Chloe would be a good couple. He’d use her opera singing career for his criminal empire’s money laundering.

Grade: EJ’s suit A, rest B-. EJ was teh awesome as usual, but way too much of him standing around with Lumi in this episode for my taste. And I must thank Chelvis’ silly three second coffee appearance here as I would have never gotten Evil EJ’s demonic suit without it. I must see that again.