Friday, March 14, 2008

NBC = Not Basically Craptacular?

So NBC and FOX's joint online video venture Hulu is out of beta, and while they don't have full episodes (I suspect because Sony is selling those on iTunes), they do have Days and accordingly Ejami clips. For instance, here's the kickass Ejami hug:

They also have Sami trying to slap EJ, but I wish they had continued the clip and included EJ pulling Sami towards him.

One of the really nice things about this service is that you can adjust the length of the clips that you embed elsewhere. For instance, here's the only good part of the freezer incident where EJ tells Sami he loves her for the first time (you have to love the sinister music behind this moment, heh).

Disclaimer: Only Americans can view these clips, which is exactly the kind of idiocy I do expect from broadcast television.