Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Happy Little Evil Family

Wearing his all black suit, EJ is out with the twins when he runs into Hope.

EJ (smiling): "Good morning!"

Hope (surprised at his attire): "Ah, hello, EJ. Yes, it's a...a...beautiful day. So, um, where's Sami?"

EJ (explaining): "Samantha is getting her hair done, so I have the twins for the morning."

Hope (nodding): "Oh, well, that's nice. I, uh, I need to check on Bo at the hospital, so I need to go."

EJ (tilting his head): "Of course. I understand. I hope he's doing better."

Hope (eyeing him): "Me too. Goodbye."

EJ smiles nonthreateningly at her as Hope hurries away. Once she is out of sight, his smile turns into a devilish smirk.

EJ (to the twins): "See, I told you two this would be fun. Let's go scare Kayla next, eh?"

EJ Is Funny 6

This one took forever to put together not because I was having issues but due to a sheer lack of material. Good EJ needs to lose his Hannah Montana CD for a bit so Evil EJ can show up and rattle off some insults.