Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let EJ Hug You, Sami!

It's May 13th where Sami stupidly refuses to let EJ hug her. You can just see how EJ is so hurt by this.

We Have an Electronic Ejami Photo

Ejami SOD Small Photo

Yes, it's small, and yes, Ejami looks bored, but hey, we gotta start somewhere.

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

This is what happens when I get excited from the “Next time on Days” promos. No Patch, no Squire, no jokes. I demand a refund. At least EJ’s up on everyone’s whereabouts and his nice blue flowery tie has reappeared.

“Sami i luv u-no teh sex w/EJ plz k thx ur Lucas.” An email? Seriously? Yet another waste of time. At least Sami’s pink flowery top is pleasant. Ejami is coordinating their outfits again.

“What are you doing here?” Well, he doesn’t actually have an office, he’s already been to the Pub today, and the DiMansion only has the living room here, the stairs, and the entrance, so there’s really nowhere else he can go.

“You don't look fine.” Neither do you, EJ. Someone needs a nap.

“Didn't I say that I had a headache?” Yeah, I hear drinking really helps with those.

“I'm gonna be reaching a bit, Samantha, but you also seem quite sad.”
“Can I give you a hug, Samantha?”
“Samantha, please. You're upset. You're clearly in a lot of pain.”
“You're gonna be a lot more comfortable if you just go to bed, sweetheart.” Insightful, endearing, and wonderfully kind to his Samantha no matter what his morality is. Lucas wouldn’t have even noticed.

Thank goodness I dramatically paused here with the door open for several moments so I could overhear EJ’s phone conversation with Nicole.

Grade: Split decision. EJ and Steve and Sami and crappy letter, C. Ejami B+. Aw, EJ wanted to hold Sami so badly. Maybe next time.

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Normally I’d complain about seeing the same scene over, but no need.

“Maybe you weren't thinking. Maybe you were just reacting.” Exactly. That’s been Sami’s problem this entire time. Her heart has loved you for a long time, but her mind wants her to love the ‘acceptable’ man Lucas.

“Keys, lip gloss, cell phone…now where’s the part of my soul that belongs to Lucas?”

“The way she threw herself on me was wonderful.” It was. And you played it just right, EJ.
“You obviously don't really understand the type of relationship that I have with Samantha.” Neither does anyone else on this show, not even Sami. We still have everyone else thinking of you as a stand in whose feelings are unreciprocated. Sometimes it hurts to be ahead of the curve.

“Look, Nicole, just calm down for a second. You're just upset because of what happened with Cookie.” Bwah! Yeah, you were really into those photos, weren’t you, EJ?
“My personal life never interferes with my work.” Your ability to multitask is thoroughly unparalleled. I am envious.
“What's going on here, EJ ? I feel like I'm being cross-examined.” Nicole, why are you so incredibly stupid now? Keep up!

“Grandma, what if Lucas keeps refusing to see me? I'm afraid that I'm just gonna get angrier and angrier at him. And by the time he realizes that he's wrong and that he should see me, I'm not gonna want to see him anymore.”
“Sami, that doesn't make sense.” Actually, it does, even if Sami weren’t in love with EJ. Lucas is an ungrateful hypocrite.

“Why are you asking him? He doesn't know anything about anything.” Everything about everything, more like it.
“I think that Samantha is just desperate to hold on to what she used to have with Lucas.” Score! And nice to see you aren’t letting your stalker skills get rusty, EJ.
“I am hardly desperate about anything. And it is not what I had with Lucas. It is what I have with him. And it's called true love, EJ. But you're never gonna know anything about that, are you?” Sami, all of this is wrong. I know it’s painful for you to admit that you’ve wasted so much time on someone who will never love you the way you should be loved and who doesn’t deserve your devotion to him, but it’s time to trade up.

“I didn’t do anything, not intentionally, anyway.” Mwahahaha!
“You’re only here because Lucas can’t be.” Oh, how little you know, Caroline.

Welcome to EJ’s flashback theater. You may recall in our last episode last May, EJ was feeling bad about Sami lying to him about wanting to be with him and their baby. Now EJ is contemplating his plan to force Sami to confront her feelings for him and see that Lucas is not the man she thinks he is. Seriously, this went on forever, not that I’m complaining about seeing “Samantha will be mine” again.

Oh, what I would not give for Stefano to just walk in the door during one of these weird scenes. And knock it off with the “You had to be that way to work for Stefano” allusions, show. Save that material for EJ.

“I think he’s finally becoming his own person.” Not really. EJ is no longer controlled by his father, yes. But he’s exchanged that for his fixation on Sami, so there’s a little growth there but much more transference.
“Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it’s too early to tell.” Rolf, if we keep having Summer EJ and Evil EJ trade off, we don’t have to choose!
“With John as he currently is and with your mother longing for the man he used to be, I think there is as much chance of them reuniting as there is of you forgetting about Lucas and falling in love with EJ.” So all systems are go! And Sami already loves EJ, Rolf.

“Not you, too!” What did I say about being dumb, Nicole?

Grade: A-. I find it interesting that we’ve switched back to EJ being on the outside looking in here. Honestly, since the Ejami dynamic has been that way ever since I’ve watched since November 2006, it’s what I prefer, and I do think it’s the stronger story as well as I don’t need the Brady/Horton oligarchy to approve of Ejami. Sami needs to let go of the insecurities that are standing in the way of her own happiness and choose EJ for EJ. And that means admitting that he’s been right about her loving him all along.