Sunday, June 1, 2008

To Free the You that's Running Through

It’s nearly midnight at the DiMera mansion, and Sami comes down the stairs and enters the living room. EJ is in front of the fireplace dressed in all black. Seizing the initiative, he looks at her powerfully. Seeing EJ against the otherwise dark room, Sami feels a shiver climb up her spine as the illusion shatters and sees him as the evil man that he truly is. Sami gasps.

Sami (shocked): “EJ? No, EJ-I thought-I thought, you said-”

EJ (openly as he interrupts her): “You know who I am.”

EJ grins sinisterly.

EJ (chuckling): “You've always known.”

Terrified, Sami tries to turn around. Having none of her antics, EJ moves towards her, grabs Sami, and pulls her close to him.

EJ (playing with her hair): “We've come a long way, Samantha. I think its time for the next step.”

EJ stares at Sami intensely.

EJ (leaning in): “You know that I will always accept you as you are. Now it’s time you do the same for me.”

EJ kisses Sami roughly. She tenses for an instant and then responds to him, melting into the kiss. Wanting to be more comfortable, they move upstairs and demonstrate their love to each other. Afterwards, Ejami is in bed together, and Sami is considering EJ warily.

Sami (tense): “I don’t know who this is."

EJ (playfully): “I seem to recall you having met him before.”

Sami (trying to understand): “So it was all an act? All your ‘I’ve changed, I’m a better person now?’”

EJ (considering): “More like an invitation. You weren’t ready. I tried the hard sell before, and it just set us back.”

Sami (imploring): “EJ, I didn’t sign on for this.”

EJ (disagreeing): “Yes, you did. You wanted me to free you.”

Sami (shaking her head): “No, I didn’t. I thought you changed.”

EJ (tilting his head): “You did, but now you have-don't tell me you don’t prefer this.”

Sami (unnerved): “Prefer what? I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe you did this.”

EJ (indignant): "What? Lied to you? I had to, Samantha, I had to in order to get you here. You are finally free-you know you are happier this way."

EJ moves closer to Sami.

EJ (looking into her eyes): "No more pretending, no more hiding…you can be who you truly are."

Sami (horrified): “'And who is that? The woman you planned me to be?”

EJ slides up next to Sami and traces her face with his hand.

EJ (explaining): “The only way I could convince you of anything, sweetheart, is if there was the desire there to begin with.”

EJ (firmly): “You stood by the door, Samantha. I just helped you open it.”

My One and Only

Ejami has been showing their love to each other for some time. EJ is clearly more fatigued than Sami, yet he’s massaging her. Sami notices his exhaustion and puts her hand out towards him.

Sami (stopping him): “Um, EJ, that’s really nice, but I’m kinda tired. Would it be okay if we could just cuddle for a while?”

Surprised, EJ looks at Sami wonderingly.

Sami (encouragingly): “I’d really like it.”

EJ (lighting up): “Oh, okay. Sure. Of course.”

Sami pulls EJ towards her and wraps her arms around him. More than happy to be held, EJ does the same and snuggles against her.

EJ (closing his eyes): “I’m glad I can make you happy, Samantha.”

Sami (smiling softly and stroking his hair): “So am I.”

Pleased, Sami lets EJ fall asleep against her.

Sami (softly): “I’m glad I can make you happy too.”

Always a Bridesmaid

EJ walks up to Nicole right before the Ejami wedding is supposed to start.

EJ (not happy): "Where's Samantha, Nicole?"

Nicole (denying it): "Sami? I have no idea where she is. I've been getting everything ready for your special day this entire time. It's just like her to be late. No respect for other people."

EJ (eyes narrowing): "What did you do with her?"

Nicole (gesturing dismissively): "With Sami? I didn't do anything with the little tramp. Guess she decided to bail on you-aarrrgh!"

Nicole stops speaking as Evil EJ has clamped his hand around her neck.

Evil EJ (whispering threateningly): "I'm only going to ask this once. What did you do with Samantha?"

Nicole (struggling to breathe): "Linen closet."

Evil EJ (letting her go): "Thank you. Now get out of here."

Nicole (petulantly): "But I just got here! I'll miss the drinks-I mean, the reception!"

Evil EJ (pointing): "Out!"

Seeing the rage in Evil EJ's eyes, Nicole follows the command and runs away.

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