Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Oh, look, the mansion does have an upstairs after all. And I like Sami’s room too. Not my style, but it’s classy like it should be.

You go, Sami! Take off that chain! The only man who can control you is EJ.

Dude, my fast forward and mute buttons so didn’t miss you.

You know, times like this are when those psychic couple connections would really come in handy.

There’s a devil waitin’ outside your door

“We were just acting crazy and stupid.” Neither crazy nor stupid to kiss the best guy on the show.

“I'm not talking about our kiss. I'm talking about our conversation. I think before anything else happens between us, I need to know why it is that you want to wipe the slate clean.” Oh, yes. Let’s discuss!
“Samantha, you're afraid that if you give this a chance, it might actually work out.” Yup. That’s been her issue all along. She doesn’t think she deserves to be happy.

“I guess you could say that I...forced myself on him. I put a drug in his drink.”
“And I remember feeling so...justified. I felt so sure that after we made love, he would realize that I was the one he wanted to be with.”
“Anyway, Austin...he eventually forgave me. So what kind of person would I be if I couldn't forgive you?” I was pleasantly surprised Days went here as I’ve wanted this type of exploration all along, and approaching that night from another angle is a great idea. Sami is not Carrie or Belle. She is not a good girl. She is a bad girl, and she should be with a bad boy like EJ. Only bad people would come up with ideas like these and follow through with them.
“I'll tell you out of all of this, I never expected that we'd end up having something in common.” I know, EJ. Few other couples could talk about their previous adult trades as foreplay.

“Look, we both want to move on, right?” Yes, we do, show!
“We both learned a lot since then” I don’t think either of you two learned anything, but let’s go with that anyway and pretend you did.
“And so I say we strike a deal.” Of course. Ejami loves quid pro quo.
“I will never talk about that night again.” Sweet!
“Neither will I.” Awesome! Thank you, Days!

“If I had, would it have worked?” Um, you are, EJ, and yes, it’s totally working.
“Do you really think she's gonna try and come between us?” That is your plan, after all.
“Samantha, I'm pretty wise to Nicole, all right? She doesn't mean anything to me.” Exactly, a means to an end in order to win your Samantha.
“I've seen her work her magic on Lucas...and Austin. They both fell for it.” Sami, neither Lucas nor Dallas are evil masterminds like Mr. DiMera here.
“Look, I'm not gonna be played by Nicole. The only person I'm worried about being played by right now is you.” Deny and turn it around right back at her. Damn, you are good Evil EJ.

“I'm being as honest with you as I know how to be.” Well, you’re being as honest as you can be with her in order not to ruin your evil plan to make her yours. So almost the same thing, but not quite.
“Nicole didn't make me do anything.” Of course not. That’s EJ.
“I wanted it to happen again.” He is the hotness, is he not?
“There's no Nicole, and there's no more curiosity. It's just the two of us. So whatever happens now is up to you.” That’s right. You keep giving her the illusion of control and she’ll follow the path you’ve set for her.

Honestly, this scared me a bit. That’s too close, director.

Now that’s better. Aw, Ejami kissing.

“How was it this time? Wait. Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Promise me something, EJ.”
“That you won't ask me that again.” Hard to pull off both lovely and fitting, but this is it.

I loved the sinister music here. Hello, evil supercouple!

Grade: A. If the show was written this well all the time, Days wouldn’t have the reputation it does. Bravo, writers. Excellent job. EJ’s plan is working.