Thursday, March 20, 2008

Around This Day in Ejami History

Last March 21st, Sami was off being emotionally abused by her “soulmate” while Evil EJ was continuing All Black Suit Extravaganza 2007. Unfortunately, he was also stuck at Chez Rouge with Celeste in one of the most tedious conversations I’ve ever had to listen to on this soap.

Celeste: “Let me go, Elvis. I have to get home to my grandson and hit on my daughter’s love interest.”

Evil EJ: “Too bad, woman. You’re one of the few characters who will talk to me, and we’ve got fifteen minutes to kill. Speaking of which, you’re conspiring with Samantha to murder me, correct?”

Celeste: “No, of course not.”

Evil EJ: “Even though I have no motivation to do so and numerous reasons not to, I’m going to believe you so that when it’s revealed that you and I were working together, the audience is both surprised by our collaboration and ticked off that they bothered to pay attention to this intentionally misleading dialogue.”

Celeste: “By the way, where’s Alexandra? What have you done with her?”

Evil EJ: “She ran off with her boy toy. Now let me laugh evilly and thereby imply that I murdered her and Tek and buried them in a swamp without the show actually having to commit to anything, eh?”

Seriously, even Evil EJ got bored less than halfway into this and spent more time on his dinner than the conversation.

This Day in Ejami History

Last year on March 19th, Sami was idiotically preparing for her Green Wedding to Lucas.

Meanwhile, Evil EJ kicked off his two week "TPTB are making me wear my all black suit all day every day so the stupid audience knows I'm evil" extravaganza.

Later in the day, Ejami spent some lovely time together with Evil EJ complementing Sami and then appropriately threatening her after wittily making fun of her moronic wedding plans.

There was also a bunch of other useless crap with Lucas and Kate, but who cares about that when Evil EJ looks this smoldering?