Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hasta La Vista, Baby

Ejami frantically hurries to stop the T-1000 invasion of Salem.

Sami (beyond anxious): "They're almost on top of us, EJ! What in the world are you waiting for?!"

EJ (tense as his hands dance across the equipment): "Excuse me if reverse engineering a ham radio into a device able to communicate with SkyNet takes a bit longer than your little test results scheme did."

Sami (narrowing her eyes): "At least I have a killswitch signal for the machines to show for it unlike some peopl-"

EJ (interrupting): "Eureka! Got it!"

Behind Ejami, all the T-1000s immediately stop and power off as the shut down command has been received.

EJ (triumphantly): "Fantastic! We did it, darling!"

Sami (grinning): "Oh, EJ!"

Ejami hug each other in relief.

Man in Black

Sami enters Ejami's bedroom only to find EJ relaxing on the bed. Sami smiles in surprise as she notices the black silk pajamas he's wearing.

Sami (enjoying the view): "EJ?"

EJ (raising his eyebrow devilishly): "I very well can't pretend to be good all the time, sweetheart."