Sunday, February 17, 2008

Montage Review

I might as well put all of these in one place, huh?

"EJ Is Hot," my first montage. Right off the bat it was apparent I wasn't your typical montage maker as most women would not choose "Foxy, Foxy" by Rob Zombie.

I purposely went in the opposite musical direction from the first one for "EJ Is Hot 2" which is how it ended up being set to "Gimme More" by Britney Spears.

"Ejami Dancing" explains itself, but the idea here was to have Ejami dance to music I actually like instead of generic tango music, in this instance "Shake Your Blood" by Probot.

Ah, the original "EJ Is Funny." I noticed that EJ made a lot of jokes on the show, and I wanted to capture the best ones. I had no idea that anyone would like this as much as I did, much less that I would end up making sequels to it.

The rest of the "EJ Is Funny" series. These always take more work than I expect, but the end result is totally worth it.

"EJ Is Romantic" and "EJ Is Romantic 2" are natural offshoots of "EJ Is Funny," especially since EJ compliments Sami all the time.

I don't do many Ejami montages, mostly because I am more than happy with how "Ejami: A Film Noir Love Story" turned out. EJ and Sami are two damaged people in an unforgiving world who can heal each other through the strength of their love.

"Sunkings" by Total Science pretty much demanded a montage to it, and "Ejami Looks" fit perfectly.

"EJ Is Fatherly" again demonstrates my taste in music as "My Little Man" by Ozzy Osbourne is used.

During last summer, EJ kept saving Sami over and over again, and that pretty much demanded "EJ Is Heroic." I considered several other musical selections, but I'm glad I went with the theme to "Rocky" in the end. Cut down to 30 seconds is also the only way that 0.5 mph Forklift of Doom is actually threatening.

"EJ Is Evil" was much harder to put together than I originally anticipated. Since the concept here was to demonstrate that EJ is not a monster, I had to find clips of him doing everyday non-plot related activities, which was difficult as obviously the show is going to spend little screentime on mundane things such as EJ reading the paper and listening to voicemail.

I came at "EJ Is Patient" from two angles. The first was that I wanted to use "Intermission" by The Offspring in a montage, and the second was is that I hate when they waste EJ by having him stand in the background and watch other characters talk, particularly Lumi.