Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Will Miss You Forever

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen. We are gathered here today to remember our dear friend, TEH EVILS EJ, who passed away November 9th, 2007. He died doing what he loved, namely being with his Samantha. TEH EVILS EJ lived a short life, only a year, but in that time, he had a full and content life, complete with innumerous evil deeds and villainy the likes of which Salem will never see again. His glorious evil shown as a black sun down upon those who knew and loved him for the sexy source of suffering that he was.

*steadies herself*

TEH EVILS EJ did not die in vain. He died so that Ejami could live. He sacrificed himself upon Days’ altar of morality so that Sami could deem EJ worthy of her love. So today is not a day of mourning but a celebration. We must remember all the happy times. All the threats, all the smirking, all the wearing of all black, and all the nefarious deeds, from stealing Sami’s trash to locking Lucas in a freezer to stalking Belle to stealing John’s kidney. Most of all, we must remember all the insults that amused us so.

*holds back tears*

Life is a harsh taskmaster. We must be strong, as he was. Let us remember TEH EVILS EJ as he would have wanted us to, as the purely awesome badass dressed in black that ruled Salem with an iron fist and only wanted his Samantha to join him at his side.

TEH EVILS EJ, I salute you.

*bawls as music begins to play*

I have fallen from grace, and my ashes are scattered
No longer of passion and flesh
My flame is alive, though my wings have been shattered
They lay my body to rest

My spirit is breathing, my senses are pure
Like reincarnation, my soul will endure

Back on earth...
The spirit, it never lets go

Like fountains of sorrow, the faces are crying
I'm witnessing all of their pain
Death is so final, for only the living
The spirit will always remain

Bury me deep, just to cover my sins
My soul is redeemed, as the journey begins

Back on earth (you feel me)
Back on earth (reveal me)
Back on earth, the spirit it never lets go

Another dimension, a river of life
I'm twisting, I'm turning, my soul is in flight

Back on earth (you feel me)
Back on earth (reveal me)
Back on earth (still breathing)
Back on earth (reliving)

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  1. thanks for leaving the evil ej such a moving tribute...what DOOL could have been with a dastardly duo like ej and sami, damn their altar of morality for taking him from us...long live evil ej!!!!