Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Will Not Stand

There is an emoticon living in our thread
He comes to visit every night when I should be in bed
I fight the urge to post, but it just won't fall
The ranting commentary in my mind starting to call

The pictures dancing on the topics
Casualty of the board
We could have had it all
And it is you
You are the smiley behind my sarcasm
I can't see the option to choose you
You are the smiley behind my sarcasm
The smiley that lets me deride

The icon of snark has
Made my mind home
My contemptuous head and him won't leave me alone
He dances on my posts with cynicism in my soul
I hate that feeling when I have no control

I wish that I could post with you again
Oh use satire again
And wake up from this nightmare free again
Free again
Oh able to choose you again

But all is not lost.

Carpe performs the final injection. After a moment, the subject’s heartbeat revs up from zero.

Carpe (screaming): “He’s alive! HE’S ALIVE!”

Carpe’s Pawn:Photobucket


And we’ll treat him well, unlike some people when they bring people back to life Photobucket I mean, I couldn’t post without this guy. He’s the EJ to my Sami here.

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