Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friday, January 11th, 2008

“Thank goodness I waited to have this brilliant idea until I got to the front door. It wouldn’t have been nearly as dramatic otherwise.”

“First it’s Wells, then it’s DiMera, now it might be Wells again…Lucas and I certainly are playing surname musical chairs on this show.”

“Samantha, I decided to change for no reason because Marlena and Bope can’t see me in casual clothes. Anyway, I’m going for a 1986 cruise ship captain here-what do you think?”

“I love it, EJ. I’ve put up my hair like pseudo-punk phase Cyndi Lauper to match.”

“Even though I willingly made a deal with you, I won’t make the mistake of trusting you again. I save those mistakes for Lucas.”

“Just the obsessed sociopathic rapist DiMera we were looking for.”

“I’ve always believed in you, EJ. All those times I said you were a monster? That’s just my cute nickname for you, like how John calls me Doc.”

“We wouldn’t normally do this, but TPTB say that you get a chance to be part of our Brady/Horton cult. So for your initiation, you have to cut all ties to Stefano, be nice to all of us, and become a good person, by which we mean a self-righteous, sanctimonious hypocrite. Then we’ll let you have Sami.”

“I come up with an insightfully perfect morally gray solution to the conflict with my father, but now I have to give in for Samantha and become the white knight. Damn you, Days, and your rigid morality rules.”

The Verdict:

Days has officially kicked it up a few notches, and we’re now going at ludicrous speed. The lack of setups, dropped transitions, missing scenes, dialogue that’s cut off in the middle, etc. all point to “MUST GO FASTER TO AVOID CANCELLATION! LOLOLOL!” While I like a lot of the moments here, the show as a whole couldn’t be more incoherent than if someone doped it up with Haldol.

So, split decision. Carpe the viewer who loves her EJ, Sami, Ejami, and Days gives it an A. Carpe the critic who demands tight, inventive writing in her television gives it a F.

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