Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Rest of the Crappy Week of October 8th, 2008, in Review

And the Batan death march to Ejami continues.


Sami, that’s the opposite of hiding your pregnancy. You should have worn black.

“It’s a good thing we don’t have more suspects –we don’t have any more room on the whiteboard.”

“I could be wrong here, but I’m afraid you don’t have the moxie to pull off the cover-up, little lady. Not even with the ineptitude of the Salem PD.”

No Officer Chuck?

Seriously, I am sick of Lucas being so un-Lucas-like. The dude is not this reasonable. And no, Lucas, Sami’s parents haven’t always supported her! Quite the opposite.


I think Theo left because he was afraid to be seen in public with that embarrassing hat.


Remember back when Sami and Nicole were frienemies and did fun things like look for incriminating evidence in sewers? If only.

Wow, it’s Zombie Dallas EJ needlessly propping John and J&M. Talk about what I don’t want to see. Evil EJ would just shoot John and call 911; “He was cleaning his gun, and idiotically didn’t check the chamber beforehand. I suppose we can’t all be brain surgeons, eh?”

Oh, yeah, baby! I should have known Officer Chuck would be out doing his honorable police duties. Of course he will stay out all night to find Theo if he has to-that’s the Chuck I know …except that Abe called him John. Hmm. While I love knowing his actual first name now, I’m kinda used to calling him Chuck. So I’m going to compromise and say his name is John Charles “Chuck” Chatsworth then. Go Officer Chuck!

Let the patronizing begin.

It’s utterly pointless flashback time!

Again, James did a good job here, but this was worthless. I don’t want EJ wasted like this, and as much as I personally hate J&M, they don’t need pimping. Damn, the show is structured so badly lately.

ZOMG, it’s the infuriatingly unnecessary plot twist that makes EJ look like a complete dink.

Yeah, that’s Zombie Dallas EJ alright.


Days, I don’t think the show that plays in my head is better than the one that you actually air. I know it is.

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