Sunday, October 12, 2008

Days in Pop Culture

So I was watching E! News, and lo and behold, there was a short segment with Nadia and Jay on how sex scenes are filmed on soaps. Both of them were really cute, and while it's nothing you wouldn't already know (like they're not really naked, heh), it was nice to see Days getting some publicity.

In addition, there's an article about Dena Higley in the October 20th issue of People. Apparently we have an NBC exec to thank for this Theo autism storyline, and according to the article Lexie and Abe are "one of the show's most popular couples." No, they aren't, Days, and you know that. Also, Alison Singer of Autism Speaks says, "It's important for daytime dramas to tackle this because so many new mothers are watching."


Oh, really? Because otherwise they'd never know? Thank goodness Days exists so the show can enlighten the poor stupid housewives across America about important medical issues. I know I'm going to trust a soap opera where someone was possessed by the devil and another had his brain saved on DVD as a realistic and trustworthy source of pediatric information.

How condescending and patronizing can you be? Oh, wait, I already know with the lovely "writing" we're "enjoying" right now.

*end rant*

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