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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

“No. I am protecting what is mine. If you try and take my son from this house, you try and break up my family, the law will intervene. I'll make sure of that.” Yup, EJ’s just doing what he has to do here to keep all four of you together.
“It was bound to happen, wasn't it? DiMera blood shining through and all that. You are the son your father could be proud of” and “Well, if by that you mean I'm trying to offer my son the best possible future, then I'm very proud to be emulating my father.” I wonder if Stefano would agree.

“You're a DiMera, which means you blackmailed the judge, bribed him, threatened him, all of the above to get him to sign that.” I’m thinking a nice steak dinner myself.
“Well, unfortunately for you, how I came to be in possession of this document really doesn't matter. What's important to you is that I have it, and that it is legally binding.” Oh, EJ loves the letter of the law, just not the spirit.
“You just can't take rejection, can you?” From you? Oh hells no.

“How quickly things change, EJ. You know, it was just a couple of days ago that you grabbed me and professed your undying love for me.” Yes, I must rewatch that!
“Oh, let's not go there, all right?” No, let’s!
“Why not? 'Cause it makes you feel like a hypocrite? Maybe a little bit fickle?” and “Fickle? Let's have a conversation about being fickle, shall we, Samantha? You're in bed with me one night, and then the-not even the next night, the same night, you throw yourself into Lucas' arms and you tell him you are desperate to get back with him.” Days, you better be trying to apologize for how inane this plot is-otherwise you’re just making the characters look bad by highlighting their dumb decisions.
“You're just not taking my son. He belongs with his father.” Just like you did with Stefano, huh?
“I just want a family, a real one. Not this...ridiculous fraud.” This is more real than everything you’ve ever had with Lucas, Sami, and you know it.
“What, so you can start your life with Lucas, right? How wonderfully idyllic.” and “I mean, it's fantasy. It's complete fantasy, Samantha. You're never going to be with Lucas.” Yup. It’s Ejami time!
“From where I'm sitting, you're in serious need of a reality check, sweetheart.” That’s been true for more than a year now, EJ.

“Your new attitude just doesn't add up, EJ.” And “Well, because you've spent months telling much you want to be with me. And now, all of a sudden, you're gonna let me walk out of your life? That just doesn't seem like you.” It isn’t. It’s a ploy.
“Just walk away, Samantha, all right? I really don't care, okay?” And EJ sells it well.
“The other option would be for you to be civil about this.” Where’s the fun in that?
“Yeah, well, considering the way you treated me, I'm being about as civil as I'm gonna be.” Our boy is really hurting right now.
“EJ, you think I don't know what you're doing? You think I can't see through this act you have going?” No, but you have doubt, Sami. And that’s all he needs you to have.
“Yeah. It's not an act, Samantha.” Yes, it is.
“Have you forgotten who you're dealing with?” He hasn’t, you have. Time to take off your Carrie mask, Sami. Go after him.
“EJ...I will do whatever I have to protect my children.” Good. Show him that woman.

“I know you love him very much.” True!
“I also know how much you hate me.” False!
“And that hatred, Samantha, is eventually going to become a bitterness and a resentment towards him.” And this is EJ implying that Sami needs to accept her love for him for Johnny’s sake. He’s insidious.

“I mean, you just want it to happen, so therefore, obviously, it's going to, you know? Yes, like me and Ejami. Through sheer will.
“You're in love with Lucas, so he's gonna spend the rest of his life with you. You'd like me to leave, so I'll just see myself out, shall I? And, of course, you want to spend the rest of your life with Johnny, so we'll make that happen. Yeah?”
“That's hardly what I'm saying.”
“Isn't it? Why don't you tell me exactly which one of those would you give up?” Option 1, EJ!

“With Nicole, without Nicole. I mean, does it really matter?” Yes! Without Nicole!
“She's a good person. She has a very warm heart. She's very nurturing, you know. She looks after that dog. If she looked after a child the same way...” That’s a pretty big if. And this is the second dumbest line in this episode. People are not same as pets, even if you were to keep someone, say Pansy EJ, in a cage.
“You and Nicole-the new power couple.” No, that’s Ejami.
“Look, I've only been with Nicole once.” Nah, that was Robo EJ.
“Luckily for me, that imagine is burned forever in my scarred psyche.” You should have skipped those episodes like I did, Sami.
“You know, actually, I did tell her that I had some feelings for her.” Yes, you need your daily constant reassurance, don’t you?
“Yes, well, we know how easily you come by those.” It’s his emotional impairment due to his brainwashing, Sami. He really can’t help it.
“She blew me off.” Thank goodness.
“Samantha, I may not end up with Nicole...but I will be with some woman, and that woman will be in Johnny’s life.” And that woman will be Sami.
“You really have a problem picturing me with somebody else, don't you?” Well, you are her soulmate.
“I have a problem picturing you making someone happy. I have a problem picturing you finding someone who will put up with you.” Other than you, you mean.
“I used to be happy, Samantha. Very...before I came to Salem. Before I met you. You know, I had friends. I had lovers. I went to parties.” And here’s the dumbest line in the episode! I would hope you had all that, EJ, as you were an internationally famous race car driver. And all that disappearing isn’t Sami’s fault, it’s the show. They don’t have the budget for you to have friends or temporary love interests or hang out at places other than the Pub or the DiMansion.
“I left a message for Edmund and my mother today.” Honestly, I can buy this as Stefano is still comatized, so it’s safe for him to contact them, but EJ could be lying too. It’s what he does.

“Oh, go ahead. Come on, keep hitting me. That's gonna look great. A few cuts and bruises there for the judge.” Not even Judge Judy would believe she beat up you
“You know, it's sad, really, Samantha, that you never even let this begin.” Don’t blame her, blame the show!
“It's not over.” Of course not. We’re just getting started.

“This is over, Samantha. This is completely over. You got what you wanted. Congratulations.” You mean like back in 2006 when you told her it was over and then schemed to impregnate her? That kind of over? I trust you as far as I can throw you, EJ.

Grade: B. I had to deduct some points for the lack of pointing, inappropriate touching, and choking. This wasn’t fighting, it was discussion. Ejami was so respectful of one another it kinda annoyed me, actually. Anyway, EJ’s angle here is playing hard to get yet still forcing Sami to live with him so she’ll embrace her feelings and pursue him. If he was truly done with her, he’d just take Johnny to Europe in the middle of the night. He certainly wouldn’t warn her about the possibility ahead of time and construct an elaborate scenario to keep her and Ali in the mansion with him and Johnny. He’s changed tactics, and he’s back in the power position again. We just have to be patient.

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