Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

“Who made you the morality police?” Ah, TPTB you slay me.

Tall glass of water indeed. I see that Days has remembered it is a soap, and yes, this is what I want to see. Now get going on that shower scene.

Aw, it was so sweet of EJ to help Bru Bru with her work out.

“Would you like to come down and make Samantha jealous-I mean, run some laps with me?”

Hmmm. Better than Ejate, worse than Ejami. Moreover, not only was there this strange pause before Nicole and EJ kissed each other, and by strange I mean strange, not normal pre-kiss awkwardness. I also definitely heard slurping. Yuck.

“You’re a beautiful woman, but I love Samantha.” Of course you do, EJ.
“Who said anything about love?” And you’d know as Louis Vuitton doesn’t accept that.

Grade: *shrugs* C. EJ was hot, but I need more than that, and EJ with Nicole, well, there ain’t no there there. Watchable, but no passion or chemistry.

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