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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Oh, crap, it’s Ava talk. She’s not on the show anymore! Who cares?!

“I just got the strangest feeling that he's just biding his time, waiting for the right moment to make his move.” Which is going to be as soon as Lexie leaves the room.
“Well, even if he was, it wouldn't be possible, at least not without help. He's been immobile for months. His muscles have atrophied. It would take weeks of physical therapy before he's mobile again.” Unlikely. This is a soap. I’m sure he’s fine.

I love how at Stefano’s mention of his name, Tony spastically ran for the door here. As if that would save him.

“Well, let me tell you something. If I have to choose between you and my father, I'm gonna choose me.” EJ talks a good game.

“I thought we might be able to stab him in his black heart if he wakes up.” Maybe if you had sharpened the stake, sure.

“How are you doing? It's always a bit hard to see you like this. I've always rather felt you were indestructible. I'm sorry that we had to send you away to that facility. The doctors here, they told me it was the right thing to do, so...anyway, I hope one day you'll be able to forgive me. You should see your grandson, though. He takes after his old man's old man. You know what I mean? Sharp as a tack, that kid. Well, hope you get to see him soon.” But EJ can’t walk the walk. His brainwashing is like riding a bike. He never forgets. Stefano’s been back at University Hospital less than a day, and EJ is already praising him, saying Johnny is like him, and asking for forgiveness from him, even before EJ learns that Stefano is actually awake. The rough awareness of his father’s impact on his life from the previous day has already been washed away by his conditioning as if it had never been.

“Father.” James nailed the delivery here. This is what EJ thinks of Stefano. Awe.

“You're awake?” Gee, you think? Argh, it’s like my mom wrote the dialogue.

“Do not tell Lexie.” Yes, she bores me.
“Yes, a good doctor.” No, she’s a horrible doctor! Seriously, ask for Kayla instead people.
“Her worth as a daughter, well, the jury is still out on it is with you and Anthony.” And already Stefano is laying down the law.

“Tell me something, Elvis. Would you have said the same thing had you known that I could hear you?” Signs point to yes.
“This is not some kind of game.” No, not between you and your father. This is serious.
“That is not an answer.” He does that a lot, Stefano. Obfuscate.
“I would have said exactly the same thing.” But this is an answer. EJ wants Stefano back in his life.

“Now that I am back, don't make your first act to me be one of disobedience, huh?” Threat.
“No one must know that I am conscious. There are things...for find out, and there are things that I need to do.” Incomplete explanation.
“All in good time. But first, you must promise me that you will keep this between the two of us for now. Elvis, promise me.” Command.
“All right. Okay. All right. Fine. I promise I'm not gonna tell anybody that you're awake.” Obedience.
“Thank you, my son.” Praise. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Oh, EJ can’t watch! He doesn’t want his dad to be hurt.

Seriously, this was a very dumb convo with Lexie pushing a particular course of action. Whatever happened to getting a second opinion and researching dicey treatments thoroughly?

“And now that he's awake...I can't help but feel that something horrible is about to happen.” Good. This show needs a kick in the pants.

Grade: A+. Anyone who doubts how severely or intensively Stefano brainwashed EJ needs to rewatch this episode. Six months of slow mental progress by EJ evaporated in less than a day by his father’s presence. His quiet “Father” in response to Stefano calling his given name demonstrates just how tied he is to him. So on the one hand, EJ completely falling back into his previous life is somewhat of a bad thing as Stefano will take full advantage of it. On the other, it doesn’t hurt EJ to switch into solider mode. Quite the contrary as he genuinely loves his father….just as he was designed to do. Can EJ’s fair Samantha put a monkey wrench into this programming as she has in the past?

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