Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

“Sorry, I’m late-I couldn’t bring myself to care about this section of the plot.”

“We’re the ones who sent him away to be cared for by strangers. We all but forgot about him.” Yeah, but that was the writers’ entirely idiotic decision to get rid of Stefano permanently in the first place. For example, EJ would have gone to visit him, but because Stefano wasn’t ever supposed to wake up, he wasn’t on the show for him to do so. Now using that choice outside of the show as internal DiMera family conflict within the show totally works, but it’s really just TPTB covering their butts.

Oh, this crappy special effect better not have cost as much as I think it did.

Someone at the long term care facility decided that there was more to life than making $8.50 an hour changing bedpans.

“I think we just should let him wake up naturally. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.” As usual, I’m with EJ here, even if Stefano wasn’t already awake. I mean, sheesh, the dude just had a seizure yesterday, and Lexie wants to start experimenting on him? Are we sure Rolf isn’t her dad?

I’m starting to see why Marlena always ends up kidnapped and trapped in boxes and whatnot. Lady has no peripheral vision or spatial awareness.

“Again?!” Yes, again! Go go exposition!

The later years were less than kind to She-Ra.

“Faaaaaaaaaather, tell us the evil plan!”
“Only if you stop poking my leg, Elvis.”

Door number 1, not door number 2!!

Grade: A-. Filler, but entertaining filler. Only EJ would think it’s totally appropriate for him for to poke his dad not once but twice to get him to wake up, and he’s the only person Stefano would allow to do so with no repercussions afterwards. Talk about things I’d never thought I’d see on screen. I laughed so hard.

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