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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

“When he wakes up, he'll bring down anyone who's displeased him, especially his children. After all, we're the ones who gave up on him and put him in a state hospital.” Hey, Tony, all you have to do is explain to Stefano here that it wasn’t you who wrote him off the show with no plan to bring him back, it was the writers. He’ll take his wrath out on them instead!

I’d complain about Kayla being Stefano’s doctor, but well, she and Max went all the way to Italy and she didn’t unplug him then either, so I guess out of the available choices, she’s the best one. Lexie can’t keep a pet rock alive.

“Well, you never know with coma victims. You know, they can wake up after a year and be perfectly normal.” Especially on soap operas.
“Oh. Well, we pray for such a miracle.” *snicker*
“Kayla, could you...explain a little bit more about the seizure that father had? I mean, one would imagine that a seizure was a bad thing, but everybody seems to be running around like he's about to regain consciousness” and “Could you be a little bit more specific, please?” EJ is quite the dutiful son here, wanting more information.
“Told you this was too good to be true. Trust father to come back from the dead...again.”
“But you're probably right. I get the strangest feeling up to something even as we speak.” Almost as if it were written that way!

“omg ej i luv ur dad hes so hot xx tell him 4 me plz when hes up k thx ^_^ xoxo”

“Near-death experiences can change people. Who knows? Maybe he'll wake up and have a whole new attitude on life and maybe throw a party.” Plot says otherwise, not that I wouldn’t watch Stefano throwing a party for everyone. It’d be to die for.
“Oh...who am I kidding? Dracula never wakes up in a good mood. He's always on the lookout for his next victim.” Nice one, Tony.
“Doesn't necessarily mean it has to be me.” Oh, self-preservation here.
“Or maybe he'll be quite happy that somebody's around to keep an eye on John. You know what he said. ‘Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.’” The old man isn’t even talking yet, and EJ is already quoting him. Someone’s programming is kicking in again.
“Whether I consider john to be my enemy or not is not the point, Tony.
“The point is that he has our birthright, and I'm not very happy about that.” Ah, yes. Someone wants it back.
“We do agree about something.” Now, this genuinely surprised me. Tony cares about the DiEmpire? IMHO he’s being darkened. Normally he wouldn’t want anything to do with the blood money it’s built on.
“You know, despite what anybody thinks of Father, it's only right that his children inherit his empire. Not John Black.” I could not agree more, EJ. I hate John.
“Perhaps the reason he's struggling to wake up is because he's biding his time so he can get revenge on those who have displeased him and then take back his empire from John.” And here I thought he was going to open a DiMera’s pizza chain. 30 minute delivery or you deal with it, you impudent idiot.

“And here’s the part of his brain that hates your family.”

Personally, since I know he’s going to wake up, I just can’t take the “suspense” seriously. Your mileage may vary.

How did Nicole even know EJ was here? And I like how Nicole doesn’t react to Stefano DiMera possibly being up and around soon and isn’t exactly supportive of EJ either. I mean, this could have been anyone for this scene, and it would have played out the exact same way.

“You know, I-I really-I really don't know. You know, my father was such an imposing figure and cast such a huge shadow over my life...that, uh, you know, for the first time I felt I was finally getting away from that, that I was beginning to be more of my own man.” And here’s the entire problem. Even when EJ thinks he’s being himself, he’s who he was designed to be by Stefano. He dresses, thinks, and acts like his father, just as Stefano intended.

“Uh, well, I mean, it could mean that he's-he's waking up out of his coma. It could also-you know, I mean, it's more the beginning of the end, I think.” Oh, don’t worry, EJ! Your father is going to be just fine. Trust me.
“I'll tell you something. If he wakes up, there's gonna be hell to pay.” Oh, it’s on.
“If he dies, I'm gonna be devastated.” Of course you are. You love your father. And you were last time. You didn’t want to leave him.

Hillip fans, rejoice! You have been heard!

Ooooh, sneak preview aka TPTB had to give Joe something to do besides pretend to be comatized.

“How do I repay you?” What about me for watching this?
“It's pretty simple. When you get the bill in the mail, you write a check and send it to me.” The only decent line of this part of the episode. Go away, Nicole!

“Do you remember what I did to you in your jail cell? I want you to know something. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” Marlena, you haven’t read the spoilers, have you?

“What's happening in here? His blood pressure is going through the roof.” Well, maybe you shouldn’t let his archnemesis visit him in the hospital and leer over his bedside. Just a thought.

Grade: A-. Now we’re cooking with gas. James did a fantastic job showing EJ’s inner turmoil today. Stefano’s grip on his youngest son runs extremely deep. Where is Sami when EJ truly needs her?

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