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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Gray long sleeved t-shirt with orange piping, black corduroys, and slip on sneakers? I approve, Casual Evil EJ, I approve. And he’s so cute with the twins!

“All right. Come here. Come on. Oh, there we go. Is that better? Okay, now, what were we doing, hmm? Remember? Should we try it? Here's the church. Here's the steeple. You open the doors, and you see all the people.” Evil EJ is the best daddy ever!

“You're welcome to join us if you want to. Just building a-well, we were just destroying a town. Weren't we, darling? We were in the middle of building it. Ejville was looking like it was doing pretty well about 30 seconds ago.” Ejville?! I must move there!

“Come on. Look, they like playing this with me. They love playing this with you.” And here is his lack of self-identity again. EJ doesn’t exist without Sami.

“Are we building a little town?” Yes!
“We are. We had a little bit of a problem earlier with a natural disaster. Ejville unfortunately seems to be full of them.” Oh, do tell, EJ.

“You ready? Should we go and help mummy?” Yes, you should because Ali is heading straight for the camera, ahahaha.
“I think what we're lacking here is a little bit of structural integrity. You see, the last earthquake pretty much would have taken that one out.” Oh, I loved this.
“You did it on purpose!” Of course he did.
“I did. But we have to be careful.” Exactly. That’s the DiMera way, purposeful destruction.

“All right. Allie, you want to go flying? Want to go flying with EJ?” I wanna go flying with EJ too!

“I thought it was all gonna be okay, and I guess that was just in my head. And it's not gonna be okay, but either way, I've been hard to deal with. And I'm sorry.” Say what?
“It's all right. Look, I can't imagine me being the easiest person to live with, either.” Huh?
“And I just-I hope that we can find a way to get along and be friends for their sake.” Gee, thanks, Days. You add in some lame lip service to the custody plotline and then wash it away. Le sigh.

“You and Johnny and Ai mean more to me than anything else in the world. I have no idea what I'd do if you weren't to be a part of my life.” So much for playing hard to get, eh, EJ? And you’re completely correct. You really wouldn’t know what to do without them, particularly Sami. She’s the center of your world.

“Samantha, Lucas has everything to do with this. Everything. Do you remember what it was like living here before Lucas came back on that stupid house-arrest program? I mean, you and I-we were getting on great. We had a routine set up with the twins. Everything was going fine, and then Lucas turns up, and the whole thing goes out the window. I end up becoming somebody who I do not like, and you just become somebody who you're not.” Yes, EJ, remind the audience that the show was great only two months ago before the writing chose the wrong obstacles for Ejami and imply that it can be that good again.
“Look, he has this very negative effect on both of us.” Three is a crowd, after all.
“Yes, he does, Samantha. Look, every time I see you with him, I get jealous.” Not of the “perennial loser” of course, but of his place at Sami’s side. That’s where EJ belongs.
“And every time you're with him, you're just a different person. You become-you become highly strung. You constantly feel that you have to be proving your worth to Lucas, when, in reality, he should be proving his worth to you.” Yes, EJ! Someone on staff has read our thread!

Gee, I wonder who this reminds me of?

So am I to assume Nicole just teleported in front of EJ? Sheesh, Days, whatever you cut must have been bad to warrant this crappy a transition.

You’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t even comment how inane Nicole’s sob story is.

And look, Evil EJ agrees with me.

“Sami, I did what I had to do to get out of there.”
“And you did it for us, for our family. Oh, Lucas, you were willing to risk your life so we could be together.”
“No, that's not why I did it. That's not the reason. Not at all.” Exactly. Sami, Lucas doesn’t value family the way you do. He values himself. You two have a fundamental disconnect there.

“Not for us. Nothing's ever easy for us. It's always been hard. It's always been that way.” Yes, Lumi is a second rate pairing for both of you.
“But we love each other, and that is all that matters.” No, it’s nothing else matters.
“You know what, Sami, there are a lot of other things that matter.” Like compatible values and you sucking, Lucas.
“I have no problem seeing it. You just can't admit it. We just have a lot of problems. In our relationship, we always have.” Unsurprisingly they all stem from you being a total jerk.
“Lots of couples have problems. They work through it.” Ah, but other couples don’t have Lucas.
“I know they have a lot of ups and downs. We have more downs than ups. It's always been like that.” Yup, Lumi is not a supercouple by any standard.
“What does that mean? You're saying we're-we're through?” Yes! It’s party time!
“You should take the time, too, for yourself. Take the time and figure out what you really want.” Who, you mean, and that’s EJ.
“There is no question in my mind about what I want. I want you.” Oh, I don’t think so, Sami.

Sami, I know it hurts, but you really are better off without him. Lucas will never make you happy, and you will never get to be yourself around him. You will look back on this as a good day in the future, and sooner than you think. You are free of his unachievable expectations. You can now be loved by someone completely and unapologetically, someone who will never ever leave you.

Grade: Ejami family time A+, Ejami convo B+, Lumi B-, Ejole C-. Now does it make any sense that the show has reset EJ and Sami’s dynamic back to May pre-annulment levels? No, no, it doesn’t. They’ve completely shoved the custody battle under the rug, EJ is openly adoring Sami again, and Sami isn’t even mad at him for it. So thematically it doesn’t fit with anything we’ve watched up to this point. However, I can’t say I really care as it had to be done. They won’t get people back watching the show otherwise, so what’s a dropped plotline and two characterizations? Nothing when family time is this completely adorable.

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