Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friday, August 1st, 2008

“Wow. What a SOB. I knew that guy was bad news.” I love how Evil EJ put less emphasis into this line than as if someone had messed up his latte order. Someone really doesn’t care.

“It's draining, Maggie. It's exhausting trying to love Sami all the time.” And this is why I hate Lucas. Heaven forbid he put forth one ounce of effort into their relationship. It has to be 100% Sami 100% of the time.

“I would love more than anything to make this work, but I can't do that right now because if we went out on a date, and Trent saw us, he would make good on his threat, and I cannot risk that right now.” And yet again, certain money is chosen over possible love by Nicole. She’s the same shallow party girl she’s always been.
“EJ...this is so hard for me because I know we would make a great team.” Actually the ratings say otherwise.

“Now, if Trent has you doing his dirty work, that means there is more to this than you know, okay? Now, we need to find out what that is. Once we have that, I think we'll be good. And then we can, uh, you know, we can do whatever it is that our hearts desire us to do. Mine tells me to use you to make Sami run into my arms, okay?”

“Everything's good. It's-it's too good. I-I just-I can't believe you're willing to help me. No one's ever been this nice to me.” Red flag, Nicole! Red flag.

Another bad sign would be Evil EJ looking at you like some sort of science experiment.

Grade: D-. Both Evil EJ and Nicole were clearly as bored spending time together as I was watching this. Now, with the upcoming spoilers, none of this is going to matter anyway, but for the record, this is clearly Evil EJ playing Nicole in order to win Sami. Fortunately, upcoming events are going to chuck this plan and pairing out the window, and none too soon. The show simply cannot afford to waste time like this.

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