Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

“She couldn't sleep. I sing to her.” You know, show, if you’re just going to tell me about this instead of showing me, you really don’t need to bother. I can imagine stuff like this just fine. And Sami, you selfish bitch. EJ’s the one with the job, yet you pawn caring for your daughter off to him and then berate him loving her? Seriously.

“And then I'm still living in this creepy house with the next generation of the evilest family to ever hit Salem.” Isn’t it great? I’ve wanted this for you for years. And it’s a mansion, Sami.

“Elvis and I may be evil DiMeras,” I still don’t like you, John, but do I admit you suck less as Jawn, and major props for getting on the “Let’s call EJ Elvis” bandwagon. See who else you can convince for me.

“She definitely is a low-life slut who's never met a man or a wallet she didn't like. What? It's true.” I heartily endorse the disapproving look EJ gives Sami here. See, Sami, you are Mrs. Elvis DiMera now, and she’s a classy woman. Refined ladies insult with more finesse. Did you see how Gray EJ degraded Nicole twice yesterday? Do it like that.

“You're a resourceful attorney.” Jawn, we already have one incest couple on the show. No more hitting on Intellectual EJ please.

Wake the sleeping giant
Wake the beast

“Samantha, we are through talking about this. I am taking the case” and “I'm the head of my family.” Oh, yeah. You put your woman in her place, EJ. I also liked how you wanted to take off with your wife and kids, and Sami actually cares about you providing for your family and not living off of her imaginary savings like with all her other loser significant others since she fought you on it.

All is not as it seems…aka fill in the holes in the story yourself, kiddies. I know I do. You want to read into the chess moves; be my guest. All I know is that neither Stefano’s nor EJ’s playing with that thing amounted to jack.

“I'd really rather you stop messing with my head.” No, that’s you, Sami. You like being married to the next generation of evil DiMera, don’t you?

“Never say I don't look out for my family.” I thought this entire EJ and John exchange was worded poorly except for this line, but hey, it establishes that Sami doesn’t want to share EJ with anyone, so whatever.

Grade: Nice. The structure could use a little work, but I loved the evil tone of this episode with the insensitive Ejami interaction over Nicole, and we even got a decent pop culture reference joke. But hands down the best part of this was basking in the harsh glow of the Evil EJ glares. He’s still in there. I hope he comes out to play. Evil EJ/Gray EJ A, Sami A-, Jawn B+.

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