Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Hey, Days? This is the exact opposite of what I want to see on the show.

Why don’t we see EJ’s side of the convo like we normally do? Because they’d actually have to show his bedroom in the DiMansion and with the set crunch, he doesn’t have one. Yet another lost opportunity.

“ I still can't believe he's even a real lawyer.” Actually as far as retcons go, this is a very reasonable one.
“He's real all right. I checked him out online. He graduated from Cambridge with top honors.” Of course he did. So it’s decided then. EJ majored in history at Oxford for his undergrad and then went to Cambridge Law School.
“Was that before or after he was a famous racecar driver?” Look, Philip, TPTB wanted EJ as the new Stefano. Originally there was never any intent to develop his character beyond being the Son of the Phoenix. Just go with it.

“It seems to be a bit of a trend with you, doesn't it?” “Whether or not this woman is or is not the biggest pain that any man had the misfortune to ever stumble across does not affect her rights.” Insults? And calling Philip “Big Man” and “my boy” dismissively? Someone needs to wake you up in the middle of the night more often, EJ. And I approve of the dark gray outfit.

Grade: Gray EJ A-, Phicole B+. I’m still a Phloer, but Phicole is officially my Philip backup plan over Phorgan now. And Days gets an F for no Sleepy Bedhead EJ.

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