Saturday, April 19, 2008

Try the Game of Trust

Later that day, after the twins have been put to sleep, EJ and Sami are both lying underneath the covers of their bed. EJ is resting on his side as Sami is quietly reading Allure and surreptitiously watching her husband. Unable to stand it any longer, EJ finally relents and turns back towards his wife.

EJ (drawing out the syllables as he pushes a pillow away): “Sa-man-tha.”

Sami (pretending): “I’m sorry. Did I wake you?”

EJ (scoffing): “I wish. How am I possibly supposed to fall asleep with you staring at me?”

Sami (holding up her visual aid): “No, I wasn’t. I was reading.”

EJ (dryly): “Of course you were, which is why you haven’t moved on from that photo spread for the last twenty minutes. Sweetheart, what ever happened to not making me do anything?”

Sami (tossing the magazine onto the nightstand): “I haven’t done anything.”

EJ (raising an eyebrow): “Studying me like some sort of science experiment isn’t anything?”

Sami (insulted): “I’m waiting, EJ.”

EJ (disagreeing): “No, you are prompting. You want me to react to you.”

Sami (resolute): “No, I am waiting. For you to want to tell me, just like we agreed.”

Hearing her words, EJ considers Sami.

EJ (moving his hand to play with her hair): “Okay.”

Sami (confused): “Okay?”

EJ (smiling): “You win.”

Sami (surprised): “I do?”

EJ (confirming): “Yes.”

Sami (excited): “Really?”

EJ (chuckling): “Yes, really. You know how hard it is for me to say no to you.”

Sami (proud): “Because I’m irresistible.”

EJ (agreeing): “You are. But talking about my childhood is very difficult for me, and I would appreciate if you kept that in mind, eh?”

Sami (sincerely): “I understand, EJ.”

Her agreement obtained, EJ sinks back into the bed and closes his eyes for a moment before opening them again.

EJ (looking at her for guidance): “I’m not sure where to start, really.”

Sami (taking his hand): “Anything is fine.”

EJ (nodding slightly): “All right.”

EJ (seriously): “This was when I was younger. We were sitting in my room. My father, and I, I mean. Anyway, we were on the floor, and it was my turn. He kept looking at me, watching me. There was so much pressure. I knew I couldn’t disappoint him. So I made my decision and took action. Unfortunately, it was for naught. The result was clear, and there was no avoiding it. I was stuck in the molasses swamp.”

Realizing what he is talking about, Sami’s jaw drops, and she hits EJ with a nearby pillow.

Sami (laughing): “You ingrate!”

EJ (mock seriously): “And even now every time I pour syrup, I flashback to that horrifying afternoon.”

Sami (shaking her head): “You did not play Candy Land with Stefano.”

EJ (pretending to wonder): “Did I? You’ll never know.”

Sami (giggling): “Oh, come on! Tell me something that really happened.”

EJ (propping himself up with one elbow as he points): “Samantha, you don’t want something. You want the ghastly tale of how innocent young Elvis was tortured by his wicked father. And not only was it not like that, but it’d take years to explain to you what being raised as a DiMera actually means.”

Sami (annoyed): “It’s not like I was planning on going anywhere.”

EJ (wryly): “Of course not. But you have a very creative mind, darling. So why don’t you amuse yourself? I’m certain whatever you could imagine would be better than anything I could tell you.”

Sami (agreeing): “I’m sure it would be better. That’s the problem.”

EJ (irritated): “Only because you insist on making it one. You keep nagging me about this, and I’ll fake some more memories.”

Knowing that EJ would make good on his threat, Sami moves closer to him.

Sami (stroking his arm): “Why can’t you talk about it?”

EJ (throwing up his hands): “Why would I talk about it?”

Sami (imploring): “We can go slowly. You need to share this with me, EJ.”

EJ (gesturing broadly): “Why?”

Sami (worried): “So you feel better.”

EJ (exasperated): “I already do.”

Still stalemated, husband and wife stare at each other.

EJ (declaring): “My dear, I’ll do you a deal. How about we skip the reminiscing and go right to the comforting part, eh?”

Seizing the initiative, EJ moves closer to Sami and, before she can object, places his hands on her chest and thigh.

Sami (enjoying the attention): “I can see right through this transparent plan to distract me, EJ.”

EJ (nuzzling the back of her neck): “Yet it’s still working.”

Sami (seeing she’s getting nowhere with him): “All right, all right. No more prompting.”

EJ (moving his head to kiss her on the side of hers): “Damn right no more prompting.”

Sami (laughing as she returns his affection): “Just let me know when you’re ready, okay?”

EJ (certain): “I will…because that day is never going to come.”

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