Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Can’t say I like this look for Sami. It’s a little too severe for her.

Good, more jokes. And that’s got to be the ugliest stuffed animal I’ve ever seen. Puke green for a frog?

The white Henley returns and in conjunction with the obvious parallel.

EJ’s hair was very piece-y today. I wonder how much gel is in it.

“And I think you're really trying to change.”
“I am.”

*shakes her head*

EJ, there was nothing wrong with you as you were. Your depraved self was magnificence personified. Honestly, I just don’t get any enjoyment out of these sort of scenes since Days’ morality laws grate me on multiple levels. EJ shouldn’t have to be a “better man” to win Sami’s love, he shouldn’t have to want to change for Sami’s sake, and he shouldn’t need to be accepted by the Bradys for her to see him as an acceptable match. I reject your cloying, sickly sweet worldview, Days, no matter how much you press it. There ain’t no heroes here.

At least it’s a nice cage, Ava.

“Good thing I can gawk at the accident all I want from up here.”

“Look, I think your grandmother Caroline believes in me. Otherwise she wouldn't have spoken to me the way that she did.” WTF? You’re getting the emotional strokes right, Days, but you really, really need to add a dialogue writer for polish. When I’m not getting hit over the head with the bluntness, I’m cringing at the awkwardness. There wasn’t even any setup for this line.

Who wouldn’t feel safe in his arms? EJ is the calm eye of Sami’s hurricane, and she’s finally starting to figure that out.

Grade: I have to split it here; I’m just too diametrically opposed to the message of changing one’s self for love. A for the minute of Ejami hugging, C for the rest.

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