Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Would Give You Everything

Ejami are sitting on the couch in EJ’s apartment.

Sami (looking at EJ): “So what is it?”

EJ (lightly): “Hmm…the intangible mysteries of the universe.”

Sami (shaking her head): “No, it’s not. What are you really thinking about?”

EJ (grinning): “History.”

Sami (disbelieving): “I’m not really looking for a discussion on Andrew Jackson and wildcat banks, EJ.”

EJ (tilting his head): “And I would be interested in American history because?”

Sami (lightly punching him): “Oh, shut up. What kind of history then?”

EJ (pretending to defend himself by putting up his hands): “Personal history.”

Sami (smiling): “Which one? Your past has been retconned at least three times.”

EJ (chuckling): “Precisely.”

Sami (placing her hand on his arm): “I know that it’s hard reconciling all of that sometimes between Maison Blanche and British boarding schools and Stefano and Susan and Edmund, but it’s not so bad when you gloss over it instead of delving into it. You can only do what the writers tell you.”

EJ (brushing some of Sami’s hair with his hand): “As can you. Which is why we are where we are, aren’t we?”

Sami (shrugging): “I know it’s hard to believe sometimes, but our couple history could be worse. For instance, you could have actually imprisoned me in a cage instead of it just being a running joke.”

EJ (smirking): “True. And I suppose if everyone has baggage, darling, the trick then is to find a matching set, and ours certainly does.”

Sami (groaning): “You initiated this entire conversation to say that, didn’t you? I hope you stole that line because if you paid for it, you should be asking for a refund.”

EJ (chuckling): “Yes, and yes, sweetheart. But it’s correct.”

Sami (considering): “More or less. But what brought on this reflection?”

EJ (placing his arm behind Sami’s back and drawing her closer to him): “Well, it’s not every day that you turn eleven, eh?”

Sami (giggling): “You are the worst case of SORASing ever, aren’t you?”

EJ (raising his eyebrow): “Indeed. I was hoping to find a screencap of you holding me as a baby, but no such luck.”

Sami (laughing): “You don’t think that would have been creepy?”

EJ (mock seriously): “Of course not. It would only prove that we were destined to be together from the beginning.”

They both laugh.

EJ (looking into her eyes): “Samantha…thank you for letting me spend the day with you and the twins.”

Sami (smiling): “You’re welcome. I’m sorry I didn’t wrap it, but it’s kinda hard to shop for a guy who knows his way around the French Rivera.”

EJ (sincerely): “No, it’s perfect. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted.”

Sami (meeting his gaze): “I know.”

Sami (touching his face with the palm of her hand and whispering): “Happy birthday, EJ.”

Sami pulls EJ towards her and kisses him intensely.

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