Sunday, June 1, 2008

Always a Bridesmaid

EJ walks up to Nicole right before the Ejami wedding is supposed to start.

EJ (not happy): "Where's Samantha, Nicole?"

Nicole (denying it): "Sami? I have no idea where she is. I've been getting everything ready for your special day this entire time. It's just like her to be late. No respect for other people."

EJ (eyes narrowing): "What did you do with her?"

Nicole (gesturing dismissively): "With Sami? I didn't do anything with the little tramp. Guess she decided to bail on you-aarrrgh!"

Nicole stops speaking as Evil EJ has clamped his hand around her neck.

Evil EJ (whispering threateningly): "I'm only going to ask this once. What did you do with Samantha?"

Nicole (struggling to breathe): "Linen closet."

Evil EJ (letting her go): "Thank you. Now get out of here."

Nicole (petulantly): "But I just got here! I'll miss the drinks-I mean, the reception!"

Evil EJ (pointing): "Out!"

Seeing the rage in Evil EJ's eyes, Nicole follows the command and runs away.

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