Sunday, June 1, 2008

My One and Only

Ejami has been showing their love to each other for some time. EJ is clearly more fatigued than Sami, yet he’s massaging her. Sami notices his exhaustion and puts her hand out towards him.

Sami (stopping him): “Um, EJ, that’s really nice, but I’m kinda tired. Would it be okay if we could just cuddle for a while?”

Surprised, EJ looks at Sami wonderingly.

Sami (encouragingly): “I’d really like it.”

EJ (lighting up): “Oh, okay. Sure. Of course.”

Sami pulls EJ towards her and wraps her arms around him. More than happy to be held, EJ does the same and snuggles against her.

EJ (closing his eyes): “I’m glad I can make you happy, Samantha.”

Sami (smiling softly and stroking his hair): “So am I.”

Pleased, Sami lets EJ fall asleep against her.

Sami (softly): “I’m glad I can make you happy too.”

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