Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank You for Caring!

You know, it always amazes me that people actually read this thing. Thank you very much for all your support over on the other side of the blog in the chat box. I appreciate the encouragement.

Anyway, no, I haven't given up. I'm not happy about the enforced Ejami break here, but I am willing to wait it out until March sweeps or whenever the show pulls its head out of its ass. Accordingly, I haven't watched anything on the show lately. So while I've added some new writing, I will have to catch up before I can review anything. I'll try to cobble something together out of the Stefano and EJ scenes if nothing else.

Thanks again!


  1. I think this blog rocks,Carpe.It certainly brightens my day.

  2. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome back, Carpe.