Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday, June 6th, 2008

“Or it won't be the only thing I break into a million pieces.” Oh, threats are sexy.
“You don't know me very well, do you?” No, she does not.
“I don't take very kindly to being blackmailed.” Of course not. That’s what you do.
“No, Nicole. I do not trust you.” Excellent.
“Nicole, I'm not interested in having fun with you.” Good.

Do the mansion swap!

“I just need allies, Lucas. It's as simple as that. My coup will never succeed otherwise.”

“I just think you're so insecure that you're only prepared to let yourself be vulnerable in a situation that you feel you can manipulate, that you can control,” “I'm not stopping you from being those things. The only person who's stopping you is you,” and “If you could just stop hiding behind all this, I think you'd find life a lot easier.” EJ, you better be going with this where I hope you’re going.

Grade: C-. Chucas had barely better chemistry than Ejole, and I’d prefer more threatening, less kissing with Nicole, please, EJ.

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