Friday, May 23, 2008

Wednesday, May 21th, 2008

Nicole’s fault? Um, no, I don’t think so, and even if it were somehow, certainly not for that much.

“Yeah, you know. . . girl's got to have her fun.” Looked more than fun to me.
“Well, making love was a lot more fun than you remember. I don't know why won't you admit that?” Because then Ejami would be together right now, and TPTB need to end Lumi first.

“Really. Samantha, look at me. The way you made love to me…” Aw, it’s sweet when you say it that way.
“Give me a break. Crying 10 miles away.”
“That's not good hearing. That's being a good mother.” Dude is always free with the complements, isn’t he?

"I hope that you would let me, just stay right there, and we could just fall asleep in each other's arms? I'm worth keeping around. Don't you?" Here EJ shows exactly how he thinks of himself emotionally. He is Sami’s husband first, EJ DiMera second. He has no self-identity, which is why he needs to be reassured of his place in her world. It’s heartbreaking.

“I’m home!” No, you aren’t. It’s the DiMera mansion, not the Horton mansion. And I like how Lucas knocks at the same time he’s opening the door. How in the heck is that supposed to help warn anyone of anything? Wow, I’ve got two seconds of advance notice that you’re coming into the room. And of course Ejami didn’t lock the door. Same reason no one ever uses any form of birth control. The plot demands it!

Oh, how could I possibly have not missed this?

Yeah, timing is everything, isn’t it? I’m sorry your plan is going to hurt you so much, EJ. Unfortunately, you’re right. There’s no other way for Sami to choose you the way you want and the way you deserve. She has to see for herself that Lucas is not the man for her.

I don’t give a crap about Lucas or his whining, so let’s play spot the extra instead. This Salem PD officer previously appeared on the show in January when EJ punched him in the police station. Perhaps we shall see him again sometime.

I know, EJ. Going to be quite a bit of this standing around again for a while.

Let the eavesdropping continue.

There it is again!

“Is your not real daddy a convicted felon? Yes, he is!”


EJ A, Sami D, Lucas F. I’ve never cried at Days, and I still haven’t, but today I came close. EJ is an open wound emotionally, and Sami keeps unintentionally pouring salt on him. He needs her to hold him, and she simply doesn’t understand. I’m still thinking about it.

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