Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

“You slept with the devil!” Lucas, have you not listened to Metallica? That totally works out fine.
“You lying, cheating whore!” Nice. What are you going to do next, hit her?

“Call me if you need me.” Aw, you sweetie.

Three people I hate, and one in the mode where she might as well be another character. Sorry, Sami, it’s time for fast forward.

I know the show has no sets, but come on! This makes about as much sense as Phloe hanging out in the Pub after hours, so of course that happened today too.

“What is wrong with you?” Where to start, EJ, where to start? And you should have met old Nicole. This one really isn’t one you should be complementing on her intelligence.

“And stop with the jokes.” Um, when did he start? Making fun of your drinking is hardly challenging.
“Lucas is the only person besides herself Sami’s ever loved.” Show, you know that’s not right, and it’s insulting to anyone who liked her with Dallas or Brandon.
“You don’t have any chance with Sami.” Well, considering how soaps work, he’s totally good to go then.

“I’m not willing to admit defeat just yet.” That’s right. Back on the horse already. Your sheer persistence is both remarkable and admirable.
“I’m head over heels for Samantha” and “Samantha will realize that I’m the man she loves” Yes, you need your Samantha, and eventually she’ll see that she needs you too.

“Here’s a crappy cell photo of your son. I hope that makes up for the whole inadvertently whacking your father thing.”

Grade: C-. Everything but Summer EJ including the Phloe bored me, and I did not want to see Summer EJ with Nicole today. I wanted to see Evil EJ making some jokes and practicing some new strangulation techniques. Sigh.

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